Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Junk In My Trunk.

So I finally picked up the dry cleaning yesterday.  Since is was such a massive load, it required two people to carry the fresh clothes to the car.  This posed a problem.  My car was in no way ready for an audience.  I tried to politely refuse the help - "No really,  I can take it myself!".  "Not a problem!  I work out!," I said over-enthusiastically - praying she'd just let me struggle on my own.  But the dry cleaner, obviously a stickler for manners, would not be deterred - we were headed for the car.  Together.

 I felt so exposed.  I was going to have to open the trunk of my car in front of another person.  I started making apologies as soon as we started for the parking lot.  I clicked open the lock and lifted the rear door - wincing at what was to come.  Sure enough, the first things that came into view were a snow shovel and a protective, athletic cup sitting atop a pile of outdoor gear, sporting equipment, home accessories and what may have been a school project.  Needless to say, I tossed my load of clothes in as quickly as possible in hopes she didn't catch too much of a glimpse.  Then I grabbed what she held and threw them in as well before a lacrosse ball or water bottle broke loose and rolled out of the car.

Our car is like a time capsule.  You can tell what sports we play, what snacks we enjoy, and what our shoe sizes are just by examining the contents of our trunk.  As much as I like a good anthropological study, I do think it's time to tidy up back there.  I marvel at those people with the spotless trunks that are even equipped with special containers to hold grocery bags in place.  I will never be one of them, but I can at least remove the things that have begun to decompose.  Plus I'm missing cute pair of boots and have a strange suspicion they are hiding under a golf bag.

I wore this yesterday:

I did a lot of driving and thought I'd snap some shots while at a lengthy stoplight.  Is that wrong?  I wore black and chocolate brown together - I love that combo and I thought the off-white color of the Fiona necklace really lightened the look and gave a nice nod to spring.  I also adore the army green anorak I bought this fall.  I wear it with everything - it really can be dressed up or down.  If you find one now, snap it up because it looks like they'll still be on trend for the cooler months next year.  And wouldn't it feel good to have a little something ready to pull out on the first chilly day of fall?

gratitude:  conversations you have with your kids while driving, motivational reading, patches of sunlight on the rug, socks

thanks and love.

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