Monday, February 25, 2013

On Fresh Starts and Freezing Temps.

Welcome to Monday!  Anyone else have grouchy kids because today wasn't a snow day?  I think we all could have used one here at the High house.  For some reason we ended up with a really busy couple days even though blizzard conditions factored into half of them.  Our activities ranged from wine drinking in several locations, to lacrosse games, in-home physical therapy, and even dishwasher dismantling.  Not to mention the Oscars.  I wore this:

Blizzard or no, I needed an hors d'oeuvre and two bottles of red for a spontaneous neighborhood gathering on Sunday.  The wine tasting we were supposed to attend was rescheduled, so we had our own event at the neighbor's house safely within walking distance.  JD and I braved the elements together to gather the supplies.  It's really something when you take your son along as support - you realize that while he's still your little boy, he's also bigger and stronger than you and could very possibly shovel you out of a ditch if necessary.  An interesting transition to make.

This Monday brings with it a hearty dose of hope.  I continue to slog my way through what I think is some kind of identity crisis, but I am attempting to start this week open and optimistic.  While I don't know exactly what I should be doing with myself outside of my role as mom and wife and female person, I do know that certain things must get done (we may or may not have dishes used during Christmas still waiting on the counter to be put away).  So anything from laundry to taxes is on the docket.  Not a thrill ride, but I'm attempting to be very Zen about it so maybe, just maybe, by taking care of a few loose ends, I'll end up with a clearer picture about my direction.  That or I'll just have a smaller 'to-do' list.  Onward.

Tomato soup and cheese toasts will be featured in tonight's Meatless Monday dinner.  Easy.  Comforting.  Risk-free.

gratitude:  amazing blue skies, laptops, candles, patience

thanks and love.

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