Friday, February 1, 2013

I Will Survive.

They are remodeling our local grocery store and it's opened the door to a fascinating study of  human behavior.  These days we don't get many opportunities to test our survival instincts.  We're soft.  We go to the grocery store, knowing where everything is, and we smoothly cruise through the aisles gathering our pantry items and paper goods.  Now, however, the folks that shop at my King Soopers are experiencing something completely different.  Chaos.  Everything is changing.  Sure it's unsettling, but it's also bringing everyone more alive.  We are once again hunter-gatherers.

Back when we were groups of people wandering land masses, we had to use our instincts and memory to find food.  There were probably special groups or members of a clan who knew where to find certain berries, or the secret spot where the mastedon liked to linger.  They were the leaders and their people ended up thriving and populating our earth.  Now, at my King Soopers, you can see how the weak fall behind and those with an instinct for survival are adapting and meeting with success.  I don't want to brag, but I kinda think I'm pretty good at this.

The other day a bewildered woman, obviously exhausted from searching, came to me with pleading eyes to ask where I found the frozen bread dough.  I casually scanned the area next to us making sure not to expose this valuable tidbit to everyone and causing a rush to one area of the store.  I whispered to her calmly, "It's over by the snow shovels in between the yogurt and the greeting cards."  I almost offered to walk her there myself, she looked so bedraggled, but I gave her my best "You can do it!" smile and nodded in the direction she was to go.  As I saw her walking off and her navy cardigan blended into the mass of shoppers, I felt good.  If she found that dough, she'd be stronger for the experience, and if she somehow failed, I would still feel a bit of pride knowing my tribe is going to make it through this remodel.  Oh yes, we will indeed.

I'm wearing this today:

Yes, a maxi skirt.  In February no less.  I stole the idea from a fashion blogger I follow, and like her, I'm wearing leggings underneath.  I do chill easily, after all.   I like this maxi because visually it's just like a nice pair of khakis.  I can go ahead and try something daring on top because I have such a neutral base.  And really, what could be more daring than a gray and white striped top?  Pretty cutting edge, I'd say.  I was going to wear my jean jacket with this but, it's an older jacket and I realized I think I need a smaller one with a narrower cut to it.  My jacket looks like something they wore in The Breakfast Club.  Maybe I'll save it for a Halloween costume.

Since it's Friday, here's a simple but delicious cocktail idea to enjoy during your weekend (or really anytime you need a little something something - I don't want to assume anything).  Try making a mimosa with pineapple juice and prosecco instead of champagne and OJ.  Fabulous!

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thanks and love.

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