Friday, March 1, 2013

Enter At Your Own Risk.

It occurred to me yesterday that the Jack-and-Jill bathroom concept is kind of ridiculous.  When we had our house built, it appeared to be such a great feature.  "Imagine, our kids can have a shared, private bathroom!," we remarked, so pleased with our good fortune.  Looking back, I should have known that 'shared' and 'private' are two conditions that shouldn't be carelessly granted to teens.

Part of this is my fault.  Because you can only enter the bathroom from their bedrooms and not from the main hallway, I basically forget it exists.  But when I do remember to check it out and disinfect its surfaces, I'm usually so stunned I need to sit down for a moment.  I'm pretty amazed they can get ready and look as good as they do under those conditions.  I also wonder if they know they have trash cans available under their sinks.  Or if they need lessons in spitting toothpaste near the drain.

As disturbing as the combo of flat irons, Axe products, Clearasil, make-up, toast crusts, earrings, orthodontic supplies and Valentine candy can be, it's kind of cool to hear them in there together.  I think they provide a lot of support to each other in ways that we, as their parents, just can't offer.  In that sense, the Jack-and-Jill baths serve a good purpose.  But I will never understand why it's so hard for them to use a hamper.

I wore this yesterday.

This green necklace is the Jolie.  It has been a surprise hit for me.  I find it goes with everything and gives a fun little zing to my ensembles.  I loved it over the stripe.  I would encourage any of you female readers to check it out.  It's so much fun to work into different looks and, with St. Patrick's Day coming up, it'll provide a very chic touch o' the green.

Enjoy this treat over the weekend.  Super easy appetizer - blue cheese and fig spread.   It's a fabulous salty/sweet combo.  Throw them on a board with some crispy toasts or water crackers and you'll dazzle anyone you're enjoying champagne or a glass of wine with at the time.

gratitude:  the first day of March, weekends, clarity (even if it's still a little fuzzy), snakeskin print

thanks and love.

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