Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Must. Pay. Attention.

So it's Wednesday and the eve of Eliza's big hip surgery adventure.  Today we will have a piece of machinery delivered for post-surgery use and are even to be given an instruction session on its operation.   I find it amusing in a sad/ironic way that two journalism majors will be responsible for the majority of a person's surgical recovery.  Doesn't everyone know that one chooses to major in Journalism because while dissecting a pregnant rat in a science class they had a disturbing breakdown and laughed/cried/sweated so much the teacher had to excuse them from class?  Or was that just me?

Sometimes really technical instructions cause me to disappear mentally.  I think it's reflexive.  My mind must shut off once it realizes I've got nothing to work with in a situation.  I remember taking our computer to the Mac repair place on 8th Avenue shortly after Eliza was born.  She was a "well-sized" baby with reflux and I had her strapped into a Baby Bjorn.  Keep in mind, this was the late 1990s so our computer was one of those triangular Apples that had the colored plexiglass back panel and weighed as much as a small car.  Transporting the large baby and the oddly-shaped computer defied many laws of physics and gravity that day.

After risking life and limb to carry the computer into the shop, a bearded man (who clearly resented non-IT people) unscrewed part of the computer and looked at all the little pieces inside.  As he started to mumble something about Daisy Chains and Mother Boards, I felt myself slipping away.  In my head, I began considering whether Fritos or Doritos were better with guacamole.  When he finished speaking, I stared at him vacantly and wiped the sweat off my upper lip.  I was ready to ask him to explain what he meant, but Eliza projectile vomited on the edge of his desk and I never had the opportunity.  I just pulled my sleeve down (there is no dignity in motherhood), wiped off his desk and asked him to call me when we could pick it up.

I just hope when the guy delivers our machine today I don't get that far away feeling.  The one where I see his mouth moving with instructions, but my head is mentally debating whether or not it makes sense to look for a cute gladiator sandal this spring.

I'm wearing this today:

I love this outfit and I really have to watch myself so I don't throw it on twice in one week.  Gray and white together are such a fabulous neutral combo, but they also have a little contrasty edginess.  I added the Fiona Bib necklace too - it's one of my favorites and I can see it playing a big role already in the summer outfit lineup.  I'm a little concerned I'll wear it so much I'll develop a tan line around it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

gratitude:  that this time tomorrow Eliza will be out of surgery, Magic Erasers, Kathryn Budig (yoga teacher on Yogaglo), funny people

thanks and love.

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