Friday, February 8, 2013

Hip Hip Hooray.

Greetings from the Harry Potter suite at Presbyterian St. Luke's!  Shortly after the staff cleared out the brooms, towels, and bio-hazard waste bags, we settled into our temporary home.  Eliza (and her anxious family) have made it through the hip surgery and are now fully on the road to recovery!  Thank you all for your wonderful support and beautifully kind words!  It has meant the world to us!

In the last day or so we have watched a marathon of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC - personally I was hoping for Dance Moms or Toddlers in Tiaras, but I can be flexible.  The light is burnt out in our bathroom and now Eliza knows more about her mom than she needs/wants to.  As a family we defaced the white board in her room.

Very mature.  We have eaten our weight in Zesta crackers.  Eliza and I have managed to brush her teeth from the bed and agree that a minty, fresh mouth is the key to feeling better.  And Geoff and I (fearing hospital germs) have learned to do almost everything without our hands.

Here are some other shots from the day.

I'm proud of Eliza.  She has made it through this with a great spirit and good manners.  What more could a parent want?  I'm proud of Geoff and I for not jumping onto the gurney (like we wanted to) when they wheeled her into the operating room.  I'm proud of JD for rolling with this whole event in his usually cool way and for not posting pictures of the catheter bag on Facebook.

Enjoy your weekend!

gratitude:  every single person who has helped/supported us in the last 48 hours, antibacterial foam stations, blankets, healing, home

thanks and love.

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