Friday, February 15, 2013

TGIF. Times a billion.

Wow.  Helloooo Friday!  Honestly, I am so happy to see this weekend.

Just a quick post today because I realized I need to start Operation Pull Myself Together right now.

Eliza has been strapped into machinery in the middle of our great room since we returned from the hospital and I've been home with her all day, every day.  Not that she constantly needs or wants me there, but I'm her mom and she can't walk well and I know if I left, something terrible would happen and I'd never recover from the guilt.  So I've been home guarding my offspring like a mother wolf and my brain has started to melt. Clearly, my mental well-being requires activity.  Instead of feeling rejuvenated by a quiet week at home, I've deteriorated a bit more each day.

I wore this yesterday.

I was the only one in my family wearing anything Valentine related.  I must be honest.  I never liked this outfit - it felt a little Room Mom to me (and I'm saying that as a former Room Mom).  Plus, I was wearing jeans from the Clinton era.  But my comically bright pink top and my saggy, faded jeans pushed me just far enough to desire action - not only in my wardrobe, but in my life as well.  And for that I am grateful.

The jewels I had on were awesome though and proved to me that even a not-so-fab outfit can be made better with some great accessories.  Without these pieces, all would have been lost - the Aileen necklace, the Vintage Twist bracelet in coral and the Foundation bracelet in pink.

To celebrate coming out of a funk, how 'bout this fun cocktail?  So easy.  Fill a glass with champagne and add a splash of Campari and a twist of orange.  Good for two reasons; it's tasty, and the Campari bottle is so cool looking it'll instantly jazz up your bar area.  See?

That's a cool bottle.

I'm going to dig through the unfolded laundry to find my yoga mat and start anew.  Enjoy your weekend!!

gratitude:  good listeners, family time, open windows, new days

thanks and love.

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