Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I May Have A Case.

I think parents should be cut some slack when driving due to our very unique situation.  The recent news story about the inaccuracy of the photo tickets given at certain intersections in Denver brought this to mind.  I have received two of these tickets in recent years, and I think upon further review, my infractions (if you choose to call them that) should have been overlooked.

If anyone in the ticketing department would have actually looked at the pictures of me before sending them to our house, not only would they have forgotten about the whole ordeal, they may have instead sent a gift certificate for wine.  In one image, I'm clearly in the middle of a lecture about something.  My mouth is open, my steely gaze focused on the road ahead, and I'm gesturing wildly with my right hand.  That, or I'm trying to hit JD on the shoulder.  Eliza is rolling her eyes in the backseat and JD is looking at his phone, ignoring me.  In the other, the kids are trying to kill each other and I've gone catatonic.   But my hands are at ten and two.

Driving with our kids means we are not only transporting people, we are disciplining, advising, teaching, entertaining or being mocked.  Oftentimes, all at once.  If we're on our way to a doctor's appointment (as we were in both of my cases) we have also had to cajole the children into getting in the car and, even at the ages of my kids, had to bribe them with lunch out if any needles are used during the exam.

So I understand that these photo ticket machines make a lot of money for the city by snapping shots of unsuspecting drivers falling into the trap of ridiculously short yellow lights.  But I think it's cruel and unusual punishment to ticket parents, who expect a yellow light to last longer than .3 seconds, with kids in the car who very well may be arguing about who's taste in music sucks more.  For the 496th time.

I'm wearing this today.

Check out the new kicks.  There are some wonderful Valentino flats at Nordstrom that I have adored for quite a while, but the $500 price tag has gotten in the way.   Imagine!  I found these little numbers at DSW for 50% off the clearance price - $20 for the pair!  Same vibe as the Valentinos and a tad more realistic for my lifestyle.  I'm also wearing the Leona from Stella & Dot.  It's on sale right now and will soon be discontinued, but I love it so.  I always feel a little Cher or Studio 54 when I have it on.  A child of the 70s indeed.

gratitude:  March approaching, homemade ranch dip, cookbooks, evenings with the family

thanks and love.

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