Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Junk In My Trunk.

So I finally picked up the dry cleaning yesterday.  Since is was such a massive load, it required two people to carry the fresh clothes to the car.  This posed a problem.  My car was in no way ready for an audience.  I tried to politely refuse the help - "No really,  I can take it myself!".  "Not a problem!  I work out!," I said over-enthusiastically - praying she'd just let me struggle on my own.  But the dry cleaner, obviously a stickler for manners, would not be deterred - we were headed for the car.  Together.

 I felt so exposed.  I was going to have to open the trunk of my car in front of another person.  I started making apologies as soon as we started for the parking lot.  I clicked open the lock and lifted the rear door - wincing at what was to come.  Sure enough, the first things that came into view were a snow shovel and a protective, athletic cup sitting atop a pile of outdoor gear, sporting equipment, home accessories and what may have been a school project.  Needless to say, I tossed my load of clothes in as quickly as possible in hopes she didn't catch too much of a glimpse.  Then I grabbed what she held and threw them in as well before a lacrosse ball or water bottle broke loose and rolled out of the car.

Our car is like a time capsule.  You can tell what sports we play, what snacks we enjoy, and what our shoe sizes are just by examining the contents of our trunk.  As much as I like a good anthropological study, I do think it's time to tidy up back there.  I marvel at those people with the spotless trunks that are even equipped with special containers to hold grocery bags in place.  I will never be one of them, but I can at least remove the things that have begun to decompose.  Plus I'm missing cute pair of boots and have a strange suspicion they are hiding under a golf bag.

I wore this yesterday:

I did a lot of driving and thought I'd snap some shots while at a lengthy stoplight.  Is that wrong?  I wore black and chocolate brown together - I love that combo and I thought the off-white color of the Fiona necklace really lightened the look and gave a nice nod to spring.  I also adore the army green anorak I bought this fall.  I wear it with everything - it really can be dressed up or down.  If you find one now, snap it up because it looks like they'll still be on trend for the cooler months next year.  And wouldn't it feel good to have a little something ready to pull out on the first chilly day of fall?

gratitude:  conversations you have with your kids while driving, motivational reading, patches of sunlight on the rug, socks

thanks and love.

Monday, February 25, 2013

On Fresh Starts and Freezing Temps.

Welcome to Monday!  Anyone else have grouchy kids because today wasn't a snow day?  I think we all could have used one here at the High house.  For some reason we ended up with a really busy couple days even though blizzard conditions factored into half of them.  Our activities ranged from wine drinking in several locations, to lacrosse games, in-home physical therapy, and even dishwasher dismantling.  Not to mention the Oscars.  I wore this:

Blizzard or no, I needed an hors d'oeuvre and two bottles of red for a spontaneous neighborhood gathering on Sunday.  The wine tasting we were supposed to attend was rescheduled, so we had our own event at the neighbor's house safely within walking distance.  JD and I braved the elements together to gather the supplies.  It's really something when you take your son along as support - you realize that while he's still your little boy, he's also bigger and stronger than you and could very possibly shovel you out of a ditch if necessary.  An interesting transition to make.

This Monday brings with it a hearty dose of hope.  I continue to slog my way through what I think is some kind of identity crisis, but I am attempting to start this week open and optimistic.  While I don't know exactly what I should be doing with myself outside of my role as mom and wife and female person, I do know that certain things must get done (we may or may not have dishes used during Christmas still waiting on the counter to be put away).  So anything from laundry to taxes is on the docket.  Not a thrill ride, but I'm attempting to be very Zen about it so maybe, just maybe, by taking care of a few loose ends, I'll end up with a clearer picture about my direction.  That or I'll just have a smaller 'to-do' list.  Onward.

Tomato soup and cheese toasts will be featured in tonight's Meatless Monday dinner.  Easy.  Comforting.  Risk-free.

gratitude:  amazing blue skies, laptops, candles, patience

thanks and love.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Harsh Reality of Dressing Room Mirrors.

Looking forward to the weekend!  We have regained the use of our home - Eliza has weaned off the machinery and each day another company comes by to pick up one of the devices.  Our living room is back to normal; the temporary bed set up in front of the couch is gone and our coffee table is back providing room for Scrabble and foot support (and wine).

It feels better to get back into a groove.  I've replaced the pants I ruined when I fell off the front porch during a trunk show over the weekend (a sentence I still can't believe I can honestly write).  I've even vacuumed the main level of the home instead of opting to just pick up the larger pieces on the floor by hand.  And thanks to a disturbing moment in a fitting room at the Saks Outlet, I have had my hair trimmed and highlighted, actually filed my nails, and checked the expiration date on my self-tanner.  Believe me, it was quite an eye-opener.  I looked feral.

I'm wearing this today:

I'm such a fan of neutrals and the Dakota necklace is the perfect accessory to give them a subtle pop.  I love it paired with the Avalon Crescent, I'm wearing, but also with any other shorter delicate.  I'm also wearing another shoe deal I found at DSW.  Love the snake print booties!

 I'll leave you with a tasty snack you may want to prepare over the weekend.  It's Ina Garten's Bruschetta with Peppers and Gorgonzola.  It is so delish and pairs perfectly with champagne.  But really, what doesn't?  Do give it a try for cocktail hour.

gratitude:  lunch dates, Sharon's gift with hair color, new statement necklace samples, hanging around the kitchen chatting with the kids and their friends

thanks and love.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I May Have A Case.

I think parents should be cut some slack when driving due to our very unique situation.  The recent news story about the inaccuracy of the photo tickets given at certain intersections in Denver brought this to mind.  I have received two of these tickets in recent years, and I think upon further review, my infractions (if you choose to call them that) should have been overlooked.

If anyone in the ticketing department would have actually looked at the pictures of me before sending them to our house, not only would they have forgotten about the whole ordeal, they may have instead sent a gift certificate for wine.  In one image, I'm clearly in the middle of a lecture about something.  My mouth is open, my steely gaze focused on the road ahead, and I'm gesturing wildly with my right hand.  That, or I'm trying to hit JD on the shoulder.  Eliza is rolling her eyes in the backseat and JD is looking at his phone, ignoring me.  In the other, the kids are trying to kill each other and I've gone catatonic.   But my hands are at ten and two.

Driving with our kids means we are not only transporting people, we are disciplining, advising, teaching, entertaining or being mocked.  Oftentimes, all at once.  If we're on our way to a doctor's appointment (as we were in both of my cases) we have also had to cajole the children into getting in the car and, even at the ages of my kids, had to bribe them with lunch out if any needles are used during the exam.

So I understand that these photo ticket machines make a lot of money for the city by snapping shots of unsuspecting drivers falling into the trap of ridiculously short yellow lights.  But I think it's cruel and unusual punishment to ticket parents, who expect a yellow light to last longer than .3 seconds, with kids in the car who very well may be arguing about who's taste in music sucks more.  For the 496th time.

I'm wearing this today.

Check out the new kicks.  There are some wonderful Valentino flats at Nordstrom that I have adored for quite a while, but the $500 price tag has gotten in the way.   Imagine!  I found these little numbers at DSW for 50% off the clearance price - $20 for the pair!  Same vibe as the Valentinos and a tad more realistic for my lifestyle.  I'm also wearing the Leona from Stella & Dot.  It's on sale right now and will soon be discontinued, but I love it so.  I always feel a little Cher or Studio 54 when I have it on.  A child of the 70s indeed.

gratitude:  March approaching, homemade ranch dip, cookbooks, evenings with the family

thanks and love.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Fact I Was Bleeding Really Sums It Up.

I had a trunk show last night.

I wore these:

If you look closely, you'll see a hole in the knee.  They didn't start out that way.

On my way to the trunk show I got lost, no thanks to Google.  I've learned that once you're on Brighton Road, there aren't many opportunities to turn around once you realize Google Maps should have said west instead of east.  I was nearly to Greeley before I found what I think was a meat packing plant and was able to correct my direction.

Arriving late, I was hustling to set up and during one frantic trip back to the car, I fell off their front porch and landed on a piece of edging in their garden.  A high heel combined with darkness and a heavy bag equals disaster for me.  I subsequently tore my favorite pair of pants (my wonderful coated black denim - as evidenced above) and skinned my knee (I will hold off showing you the knee.  You're welcome.).

As I was arranging the jewelry, I noticed I was missing a single earring from my display and worried that it had fallen out of my bag when I tumbled across their front yard.  Keeping this (and my now swollen knee) to myself, I soldiered through the next two hours - which involved less talk of style and more wondering when the kid playing on the ipad would wrap up the game that involved the crazed, screaming sound.

When I started packing up I could feel the blood dripping down my leg.  I looked to make sure it wasn't getting on the floor and noticed the missing earring was dangling from the necklace I was wearing.  At this point, it came as no surprise.

I could share even more about my evening, but I don't want to offend anyone.  Trust me.  It was quite a night.

On a much brighter note, we had a wonderful time Saturday night with Mark and Dana at CafeBar.  Great food, but even better company.  We so love them!  And it was nice to have a chance to chat alone with Geoff during lacrosse practice on Friday night.

So I'm glad it's Monday.  I'm on a quest now to replace my favorite pants and repair what is left of my ego.  We will be celebrating Meatless Monday with some much-needed comfort food.  Fettuccine Alfredo.  I know everyone has their own version of this recipe, but I have found adding a lot of pepper really makes it awesome.  I don't know why that is, just try it.

gratitude:  peach detox tea, legs up the wall pose, Neosporin, national holidays

thanks and love.

Friday, February 15, 2013

TGIF. Times a billion.

Wow.  Helloooo Friday!  Honestly, I am so happy to see this weekend.

Just a quick post today because I realized I need to start Operation Pull Myself Together right now.

Eliza has been strapped into machinery in the middle of our great room since we returned from the hospital and I've been home with her all day, every day.  Not that she constantly needs or wants me there, but I'm her mom and she can't walk well and I know if I left, something terrible would happen and I'd never recover from the guilt.  So I've been home guarding my offspring like a mother wolf and my brain has started to melt. Clearly, my mental well-being requires activity.  Instead of feeling rejuvenated by a quiet week at home, I've deteriorated a bit more each day.

I wore this yesterday.

I was the only one in my family wearing anything Valentine related.  I must be honest.  I never liked this outfit - it felt a little Room Mom to me (and I'm saying that as a former Room Mom).  Plus, I was wearing jeans from the Clinton era.  But my comically bright pink top and my saggy, faded jeans pushed me just far enough to desire action - not only in my wardrobe, but in my life as well.  And for that I am grateful.

The jewels I had on were awesome though and proved to me that even a not-so-fab outfit can be made better with some great accessories.  Without these pieces, all would have been lost - the Aileen necklace, the Vintage Twist bracelet in coral and the Foundation bracelet in pink.

To celebrate coming out of a funk, how 'bout this fun cocktail?  So easy.  Fill a glass with champagne and add a splash of Campari and a twist of orange.  Good for two reasons; it's tasty, and the Campari bottle is so cool looking it'll instantly jazz up your bar area.  See?

That's a cool bottle.

I'm going to dig through the unfolded laundry to find my yoga mat and start anew.  Enjoy your weekend!!

gratitude:  good listeners, family time, open windows, new days

thanks and love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good intentions.

I believe it was after I nearly stumbled head first into the garden tools, that I realized I have a problem with my charitable donating.  There are three large, black trash bags sitting at the bottom of the stairs in our garage.  They have been there for months.  There is also a coffee maker and a brown, paper grocery bag filled with old Halloween costumes.  It is because of these things that the entire family runs the risk of a broken bone or chipped tooth every time they enter or exit our mud room.  They are there because I can't seem to get them to Goodwill.

Oh sure, it used to be I'd put those bags right in the car so it would be easy to drop them off, then drive around for months still carrying them, reminding myself every day that I should swing by Goodwill.  But the Goodwill donation center is about 15 minutes away.  And not 15 minutes in any direction I really ever need to go - it's not on my way to anything - so in my mind it's about a 30 minute round trip to nowhere.  Of course, I'd more than happily drive 30 minutes to see my kids do virtually anything or to even check out a great sale on shoes.  But because this is not one of those cases,  the donations for Goodwill remain in the car,  eventually supporting my grocery bags, padding a fragile lamp purchase or even clothing children at cold sporting events.

I realize that perhaps the convenience of the Goodwill location is getting in the way of my finishing the job.  But Goodwill certainly isn't the only option for getting rid of our unwanted items.  We get approximately 15 calls a day from ARC thrift stores offering to actually come by to pick up our stuff, but we see their number on Caller ID and say, in exasperation, "Sheesh! We don't have anything already!  Lay off!"  Then minutes later I find myself climbing over the piles for Goodwill on my way to get my cell phone out of the car.

What do I have against ARC - am I a charity snob?  Do I prefer Goodwill because they have a better logo?  Because they have commercials?  Because I know style bloggers who will frequent Goodwill and find a never worn pair of Rag and Bone jeans?  Or maybe I think Goodwill is a better choice because I can do it on my own time, not according to ARC's neighborhood pick-up schedule.  Apparently though, my timeline involves about a three month delay from gathering the donations to actually donating them.  I don't think it would be too hard for ARC to beat that.

ARC is like the nice guy who is always there for the girl, but never gets her attention because she's so focused on the hot guy who doesn't know she exists.  And just like in any classic romantic comedy,  I've reached the point where I've decided it's ARC I really want and now I'll spend the rest of the day today waiting for the phone to ring and fearing I've ignored them for too long.  When they do call, I'll eagerly answer the phone and ruefully smile knowing it's not too late after all.  And I will continue to answer every time they call until I have purged my house of all unused, unneeded and unwanted items.

Music up.  Roll credits.

I'm wearing this today.

I prefer neutrals until a color specific holiday comes by.  Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I'm wearing red - I'm like a fashion weathervane, really.  One look at me and you know what's coming.  Also, note the bizarre angle of the photograph.  I had to take it myself because Geoff is out of town and I find it a little humiliating to ask my kids to take blog photos of me.  I've seen a ton of bloggers take this approach to documenting their outfits, but it felt weird to me - my arm doesn't look attached to my body.  I wanted to show the awesome Kimberly over a pattern though, and the fabulous new Gilded Arrow bangle with the Renegade from Stella & Dot (three supremely useful pieces to own).

Happy Wednesday!

gratitude:  the sound of a storm moving in, online research, sale prices, abundance

thanks and love.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Positively Minutiae: Grammy Edition.

What a night!  For the first time in a long time Geoff and I actually recognized most of the songs nominated and performed at the Grammys!   We feel so cool.  I attribute this almost completely to being parents of teenagers.  Music is such a huge part of their day-to-day lives that I feel we have a constant soundtrack going in our home.  Geoff and I are pretty lucky our kids listen to music we like (for the most part).  Eliza has a pop/folk vibe going and JD prefers a wide range of styles from soul to rock to rap.  Although, we could probably do without Dub Step (hoping this is a short term curiosity) - and, cutting back on the F-bomb wouldn't be a bad idea either.  Seriously.

It's been a long road back to being "current" musically.  About two weeks after having Eliza, Lullababy rose to the top of our charts and became our favorite album.  From there, our family dove deeply into a Kids Bop phase.  I'm embarrassed to admit, but Kids Bop introduced me to Britney Spears, Smashmouth and Avril Lavigne.  Occasionally we would incorporate a new (non-Kids Bop) artist - we discovered Gwen Stefani's Love. Angel. Music. Baby. album while visiting Park City, Utah.  Considering some of the subject matter covered in the music, the irony was not lost on us.  For the most part though, Kids Bop was our linchpin to the music scene for quite a few years.

We actually prided ourselves on not being a 'Wheels on the Bus' family and sort-of felt we exposed our kids to the grittier side of life with the hits performed by the edgy youngsters of Kids Bop.  There came a point that, as our kids got older, we transitioned from Kids Bop and Disney Radio to listening to regular stations in the cars.  Sometimes, I'd hear one the the songs we first discovered with Kids Bop and was surprised to find I often preferred the Kids Bop version. I don't know if this was because my virginal ears hadn't been exposed to real lyrics for so long, or because I knew we'd never return to Kids Bop again.  As is the usually case with parenting, like it or not, we are able to consciously observe the end of eras - we see it coming and can't do anything to change it.

Anyway, it felt good to once again hear music we were familiar with.  I also discovered that I dress pretty much like one of the guys in the group Fun..  I'm still wrestling with my feelings on that issue.

There is no fashion pic today because I haven't moved out of leggings, a loose white t-shirt and a long cardigan since Eliza had her surgery.  Nothing photo worthy.  I'm excited to wear pants with a zipper this week.

Justin Timberlake gets my vote for best-dressed male at the Grammys.  He can do no wrong.

And best-dressed female, in my opinion, would be Rocsi Diaz.  I don't think a dress is required at the Grammys.  But that's just me.

It's Meatless Monday (again).  The breakfast cereal served up last week was a hit.  We may revisit that menu when we're pressed for time and I'm looking to gain favor with the kids. Today however, I'm thinking of a saute of tomatoes, spinach and white beans over a whole grain garlic bread.  Garlic bread makes everything better.  Plus we need the veggies - I fear scurvy.

And finally, Sunday was Eliza's 15th birthday.  She was born at 8:06 a.m. on February 10th, and that time will forever be my favorite because it marks the moment I became a mom.  Eliza has made my life so wonderful, just by being in it - she changed it completely.  I love her with all my heart - more than she will ever know or ever could imagine.   She is funny, smart and strong and a truly beautiful person, inside and out.  I really admire her.  I know right now she's busy becoming who she wants to be, but I hope she hears me when I tell her how much I love her and I hope she knows how much her love means to me too.

gratitude:  quiet, routine, laughter, my new Bare Minerals primer

thanks and love.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hip Hip Hooray.

Greetings from the Harry Potter suite at Presbyterian St. Luke's!  Shortly after the staff cleared out the brooms, towels, and bio-hazard waste bags, we settled into our temporary home.  Eliza (and her anxious family) have made it through the hip surgery and are now fully on the road to recovery!  Thank you all for your wonderful support and beautifully kind words!  It has meant the world to us!

In the last day or so we have watched a marathon of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC - personally I was hoping for Dance Moms or Toddlers in Tiaras, but I can be flexible.  The light is burnt out in our bathroom and now Eliza knows more about her mom than she needs/wants to.  As a family we defaced the white board in her room.

Very mature.  We have eaten our weight in Zesta crackers.  Eliza and I have managed to brush her teeth from the bed and agree that a minty, fresh mouth is the key to feeling better.  And Geoff and I (fearing hospital germs) have learned to do almost everything without our hands.

Here are some other shots from the day.

I'm proud of Eliza.  She has made it through this with a great spirit and good manners.  What more could a parent want?  I'm proud of Geoff and I for not jumping onto the gurney (like we wanted to) when they wheeled her into the operating room.  I'm proud of JD for rolling with this whole event in his usually cool way and for not posting pictures of the catheter bag on Facebook.

Enjoy your weekend!

gratitude:  every single person who has helped/supported us in the last 48 hours, antibacterial foam stations, blankets, healing, home

thanks and love.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Must. Pay. Attention.

So it's Wednesday and the eve of Eliza's big hip surgery adventure.  Today we will have a piece of machinery delivered for post-surgery use and are even to be given an instruction session on its operation.   I find it amusing in a sad/ironic way that two journalism majors will be responsible for the majority of a person's surgical recovery.  Doesn't everyone know that one chooses to major in Journalism because while dissecting a pregnant rat in a science class they had a disturbing breakdown and laughed/cried/sweated so much the teacher had to excuse them from class?  Or was that just me?

Sometimes really technical instructions cause me to disappear mentally.  I think it's reflexive.  My mind must shut off once it realizes I've got nothing to work with in a situation.  I remember taking our computer to the Mac repair place on 8th Avenue shortly after Eliza was born.  She was a "well-sized" baby with reflux and I had her strapped into a Baby Bjorn.  Keep in mind, this was the late 1990s so our computer was one of those triangular Apples that had the colored plexiglass back panel and weighed as much as a small car.  Transporting the large baby and the oddly-shaped computer defied many laws of physics and gravity that day.

After risking life and limb to carry the computer into the shop, a bearded man (who clearly resented non-IT people) unscrewed part of the computer and looked at all the little pieces inside.  As he started to mumble something about Daisy Chains and Mother Boards, I felt myself slipping away.  In my head, I began considering whether Fritos or Doritos were better with guacamole.  When he finished speaking, I stared at him vacantly and wiped the sweat off my upper lip.  I was ready to ask him to explain what he meant, but Eliza projectile vomited on the edge of his desk and I never had the opportunity.  I just pulled my sleeve down (there is no dignity in motherhood), wiped off his desk and asked him to call me when we could pick it up.

I just hope when the guy delivers our machine today I don't get that far away feeling.  The one where I see his mouth moving with instructions, but my head is mentally debating whether or not it makes sense to look for a cute gladiator sandal this spring.

I'm wearing this today:

I love this outfit and I really have to watch myself so I don't throw it on twice in one week.  Gray and white together are such a fabulous neutral combo, but they also have a little contrasty edginess.  I added the Fiona Bib necklace too - it's one of my favorites and I can see it playing a big role already in the summer outfit lineup.  I'm a little concerned I'll wear it so much I'll develop a tan line around it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

gratitude:  that this time tomorrow Eliza will be out of surgery, Magic Erasers, Kathryn Budig (yoga teacher on Yogaglo), funny people

thanks and love.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Clearly, I Need More Sleep.

While it was a lovely weekend, I find myself this Monday morning, feeling a little sub par.  I didn't sleep much last night and while I smartly used that time to completely redecorate our house and revamp my wardrobe (in my imagination), it doesn't make for much creativity with which to greet a new day.  Hence this post.

I have learned some things in the last few days...

After three days of eating pizza, no matter how delicious it is, it no longer holds much of an allure.

Our kids can easily stay up way later than we could even contemplate.  And it's weird that on weekends, they now come tuck us in.

No matter how much time you think you have to get it all done, something usually doesn't.

Doing some home improvement jobs is a pain, but not so awful if you're doing it with people you enjoy.

Boxed wine isn't really that bad.

I'm not a good Blackjack player.  But I think that's mostly a lack of luck with cards.

I'm pretty good at Scrabble.  But I think that's mostly a matter of good word placement.

Staying home on a Saturday night playing board games with just the four of us is one of the greatest things ever.

I'm proud of my kids.  For different reasons.

It takes a long time to do an in-store exchange with something you bought online.

The Whole Foods buffalo chicken wings are surprisingly good, but the stuffed jalapenos taste strangely like hummus.

Budweiser clydesdale commercials make me cry.  Every time.

I'm not a worrier, but Eliza's upcoming surgery has me a little on edge.

Based upon the bill we received from Geoff's stint in St. Anthony's I'd like to run a CT Scan machine.  You can make some good money that way.

A lot of people are involved in a surgical experience, but there doesn't seem to be on person in charge of peace of mind.

I tend to not know when to get off the stage when it comes to making a point.  This would explain JD's glazed expression at the bus stop today as I was attempting to motivate a fresh start attitude.

Days with a layer of high clouds make me feel mopey.

Geoff makes me feel better.

Just doing three sun salutations and meditating for 10 full breaths can make a world of difference.  Anytime.

Moving on... I wore this yesterday:

Turns out, what I thought was a funky, street chic kind of look took on a bit of the cast of 'Oliver' vibe when photographed.

It's Meatless Monday, and because I'm tired and this practice is usually met with sarcasm from the children, I'll be serving a variety of breakfast cereals tonight.  That'll show 'em.

gratitude:  clear nasal passages, toast, flexible return and exchange policies, time

thanks and love.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I Will Survive.

They are remodeling our local grocery store and it's opened the door to a fascinating study of  human behavior.  These days we don't get many opportunities to test our survival instincts.  We're soft.  We go to the grocery store, knowing where everything is, and we smoothly cruise through the aisles gathering our pantry items and paper goods.  Now, however, the folks that shop at my King Soopers are experiencing something completely different.  Chaos.  Everything is changing.  Sure it's unsettling, but it's also bringing everyone more alive.  We are once again hunter-gatherers.

Back when we were groups of people wandering land masses, we had to use our instincts and memory to find food.  There were probably special groups or members of a clan who knew where to find certain berries, or the secret spot where the mastedon liked to linger.  They were the leaders and their people ended up thriving and populating our earth.  Now, at my King Soopers, you can see how the weak fall behind and those with an instinct for survival are adapting and meeting with success.  I don't want to brag, but I kinda think I'm pretty good at this.

The other day a bewildered woman, obviously exhausted from searching, came to me with pleading eyes to ask where I found the frozen bread dough.  I casually scanned the area next to us making sure not to expose this valuable tidbit to everyone and causing a rush to one area of the store.  I whispered to her calmly, "It's over by the snow shovels in between the yogurt and the greeting cards."  I almost offered to walk her there myself, she looked so bedraggled, but I gave her my best "You can do it!" smile and nodded in the direction she was to go.  As I saw her walking off and her navy cardigan blended into the mass of shoppers, I felt good.  If she found that dough, she'd be stronger for the experience, and if she somehow failed, I would still feel a bit of pride knowing my tribe is going to make it through this remodel.  Oh yes, we will indeed.

I'm wearing this today:

Yes, a maxi skirt.  In February no less.  I stole the idea from a fashion blogger I follow, and like her, I'm wearing leggings underneath.  I do chill easily, after all.   I like this maxi because visually it's just like a nice pair of khakis.  I can go ahead and try something daring on top because I have such a neutral base.  And really, what could be more daring than a gray and white striped top?  Pretty cutting edge, I'd say.  I was going to wear my jean jacket with this but, it's an older jacket and I realized I think I need a smaller one with a narrower cut to it.  My jacket looks like something they wore in The Breakfast Club.  Maybe I'll save it for a Halloween costume.

Since it's Friday, here's a simple but delicious cocktail idea to enjoy during your weekend (or really anytime you need a little something something - I don't want to assume anything).  Try making a mimosa with pineapple juice and prosecco instead of champagne and OJ.  Fabulous!

gratitude:  chamomile tea, cobra pose, weekends, dark polish on toes

thanks and love.