Monday, July 1, 2013

The Highs Have A Firepit Now, So Savvy Investors Should Pay Close Attention To Marshmallow Companies.

We bought a firepit this weekend and we have already run through an entire tank of propane.  This could become an expensive home addition, but it's really fun.  There's something so great about sitting around a fire with family or friends - it's so relaxing and cozy.  I love campfires, it's the subsequent toothbrushing in a cup and general lack of plumbing that takes away from this particular aspect of camping for me.  So a firepit is great!  I can toast a marshmallow and use my own toilet later.  What's not to like?

I'm feeling a bit off today.  I attempted some morning yoga with the doors open (thinking this would give me the peace I so desired) and during the entire practice all I could hear was someone's circular saw and then the trash truck made its rounds (very slowly).  It wasn't quite what I was looking for in the way of calming and non-irritating.

So I lit a candle and am trying to crank out some form of a blog post.  If I manage to get that done, I might take a lap around the block and, as my Grandma Peg used to say, "blow off some of the stink".  BTW today would have been her 98th birthday (love you Gram!!).

I'm wearing this today.

We are previewing a property for staging and they requested we wear closed toe shoes and hard hats.  The classic Converse in navy gives the 'closed toe' request a sporty twist - I'm assuming they will provide the hard hats.

For Meatless Monday we'll be doing open-faced sandwiches with a spread made from yesterday's white beans topped with radishes and chives.  I think I'll throw a salad in with nuts and a creamy dijon vinaigrette.  Lots of flavor in a meal allows me to better distract the family from the absence of meat.

gratitude:  breezes,  my green tea and verbena candle, our firepit, basil

thanks and love.

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