Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Started This Post Prior To The Arrival Of Our Air-Conditioning Repair Man. He Just Left And I Could Rewrite The Entire Post On The Result Of His Visit, But I'm Still Processing Some Emotions.

I have been mocked, by my own children, about my texting technique.  Apparently, texting while holding the phone vertically and using only one index finger is wrong and frankly, embarrassing, to anyone under the age of 21.  I really don't care what they think about my texting style.  I mean, it works well for me and autocorrect rarely has to step in an decipher something I've written.  My style though seems to cut down on texting speed and I guess for some that's a point of pride.

So the other day I began to observe that most everyone else I see texting holds the phone horizontally and texts with their thumbs.  I was home alone so I thought I'd practice that form a little yesterday.  I have now come to the conclusion that I must have freakishly large thumbs.  I couldn't manage to get out three words in a row without inadvertently erasing a good portion of what I'd just texted or texting such gibberish that autocorrect just gave up.  I looked down at the screen and for a moment I thought my phone had gone into a translate mode and was changing what I typed into an ancient German dialect.  Nope, turns out my enormo-thumbs just can't manage to complete one texted sentence.  So, accepting my defect and considering gloves as a fashion statement, I will continue to text with my index finger.  I apologize in advance if it causes my children social shame.

I'm wearing this today.  

These wide-legged pants have served me well this summer.  They have that classic, carefree, beachy feel to them and I can sit cross-legged while I type.  So many benefits.  The cream color works with everything and because it's not a super bright white, I don't feel like I look like a French Naval officer.

gratitude:  humor, massages, a peaceful feeling, pots filled with flowers

thanks and love.

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