Monday, July 8, 2013

I've Discovered There Is A Correlation Between Body Temperature And Lack Of Humor. As One Goes Up, The Other Goes Down. It Will Become Obvious To You After Reading This Post.

We had a really fun weekend in Beaver Creek with our friends.  There was a lot of laughter and a healthy amount of Boys vs. Girls competition.  It appears the girls are superior players when it comes to Bocce and Buzzword.  In fact, we were so decisively victorious that the guys chickened out of a second night of competition.  They claimed they were tired from their early tee time for golf, but we girls know deep down intimidation was really the cause.  Fear can be exhausting. (Does this qualify as trash talking?)

Unfortunately, a few days prior to leaving for the mountains, our air conditioning gave out.  You know, the scientists are right!  Hot air does rise and it's rising at our house and filling our top floor with a high enough heat to qualify as a cooking temperature.  Because our AC gave up on July 2nd, we somehow were caught up in the 4th of July holiday break and were unable to get a repair man out here any sooner than this Wednesday, the 10th!  That is over a week of 90+ degree days in sunny Colorado and I'm starting to become afraid of my reaction should the repair man tell us he can't fix our unit right away.  I hope he's prepared for tears.

Last night a very windy storm passed us, but because of the the placement of the windows in our master bedroom, we didn't experience even a slight breeze in our room.  A Kleenex wouldn't have moved if it were right in front of one of our windows.  So I lay there in the the sweltering heat, listening to a wind I couldn't feel, imagining how far the cushions on our back patio will have flown when I awoke in the morning.  Waking up sweaty is very unpleasant.  Waking up sweaty and having to collect your seat cushions from around the neighborhood is cruel.

I'm wearing this today.

The shorts and loose fitting shirt are meant to provide good air flow should a cool breeze of any sort cross my path.

Our Meatless Monday dinner will be a large salad topped with with nuts, radishes and white beans.  It will be well chilled.  Oh how I envy lettuce.

gratitude:  games, family time, grandparents, washing machines

thanks and love.

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