Monday, July 22, 2013

We're Back! And Upon My First Step Into Our Pantry, I Discovered Sourdough Bread Gets Really Funky Once It Goes Bad.

Well, I had every intention to post on Friday, but it turns out we had a much earlier check-out time than I had originally believed.  And, priorities being what they are, the blog took a backseat to showering and hair product application.  That and making sure the kids didn't leave underwear under the big pile of wet towels in their bathroom.

When we spoke last, we were headed to Custer State Park to experience the much-anticipated Wildlife Loop.  These were the types of photos that had me prepared to bond very closely with nature.

I wanted buffalo surrounding our car and a burro head in my window.   I truly believed my Wildlife Loop experience would look and feel something like this.

Unfortunately, it turns out we have more wildlife in our backyard than we saw on the Wildlife Loop.  When we reached the halfway point on the Loop, it was clear that merely observing piles of buffalo poop on the road as signs there must really be animals nearby was not going to cut it, so a friendly ranger sent us down a dirt road across the street assuring us furry creature sightings.

We did find the buffalo.  I can't say it was as picturesque as I'd imagined.  It was a smallish herd standing on some piles of dirt in what appeared to be a construction site.  There were front loaders and bulldozers scattered amongst the animals.  A few of the buffalo had obviously become bored with the dirt mounds and had ventured out into the field.  Lots of people were snapping shots of them as they nibbled grass, then one of the buffalo started to stroll.   Here he comes.

At first, most folks just kept walking along with him as he moseyed down the hill.  However, by the time he reached the road, almost everyone (fearing a one-buffalo stampede) had bailed on the photos and were jumping into their cars and rolling up the windows.  The click-clack of 75 pairs of flip flops running away simultaneously was deafening.  But I was bound and determined to have a meaningful wildlife moment, so I calmly stood my ground and eventually he came close enough to me that I could take this picture.

It wasn't exactly like Snow White in the forest with the woodland creatures, but I'll take it.  I thanked him for preventing a complete bust on our Wildlife Loop and left him there to continue his journey.  Unfortunately for him he was being tailed by a family from New Jersey in a huge SUV - I think I saw him roll his eyes as he walked away.

We spent a couple nights on our return trip home in Winter Park, enjoying some downhill biking, hiking, and eating.  It was fab.  I loved our road trip vacation.  I can't remember the last time we had almost a full-week together as a family and I am so very grateful.

It's Monday now though, and we're back at it.  I'll be wearing this once my load of underwear is dry.

Flip flops for day, wedges for a meeting tonight.  I honestly think those two shoes could work equally well with almost any outfit.  Must-haves, indeed.

It's Meatless Monday so salad sandwiches are on the menu at the High house.  What will you be enjoying?

gratitude:  full moons, eating outside, my new Harmony candle from Whole Foods, the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens for some much needed decor inspiration

thanks and love.

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