Monday, July 15, 2013

We Flew The Pigeon Coop And Are On A Family Roadtrip. #murrica.

Just a quick update and a few photos from our drive to Rapid City.

We saw bears.

And public art displayed in a cornfield.

Then we got to Rapid City and had a meh meal at a local restaurant.  At least they had free hats.

We also witnessed a motorcycle and car collision.  We would have been crossing the street at the time it occurred, but lingered on the corner instead to mock the drum solo in a terrible rendition of Genesis' 'In The Air Tonight' that we could hear from a nearby pub.  Saved by our own snarky attitudes.  BTW, we have confirmed that our children will never pursue careers in emergency response.

More fun to come.

gratitude:  shared hotel rooms, cameras, coffee, the two songs per person rule

thanks and love.

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