Monday, July 29, 2013

Ask Me Anything About Meredith Grey Or Dr. McDreamy, But Please Avoid Any Current Events Beyond The Birth Of Prince George. My Pop Culture Brain Has Experienced A Recent Growth Spurt.

So basically, the past several days have been filled with spurts of super-productivity linked by long stretches of time with a firm focus on the TV.  The kids have me hooked on Grey's Anatomy.  They have been watching past episodes on OnDemand ever since Eliza saw one at a friend's house and loved it.  Their goal is to have completely caught up on the program when the new season starts this fall.  Their commitment makes us so proud.

Anyway, I tried to avoid the show at first.  Geoff and I both remember being tortured by ER, back in the day, and I certainly didn't want to relive that experience.  We used to enjoy our Thursday night TV - I mean, Friends and Seinfeld?  How could you miss?  But ER came on right after Seinfeld and if you weren't fast enough to click away or turn off the TV completely, you'd see that first (typically disturbing) scene and hear the theme song and you knew instantly that you were stuck on the couch for another hour.  No question.  And even if the lost time wasn't bad enough, I'd tend to carry the storyline with me for days feeling bad for fictional characters and suffering from an elevated heart rate because I'd spent Thursday night in a pretend hospital that was never short on tragic emergencies and difficult relationships.  So I avoided Grey's Anatomy like the plague.

Until the day I sat on the arm of the couch on my way upstairs while the kids were watching the show.  Three hours later, I'm calling the Garlic Knot to deliver a couple pizzas for dinner.  This is how I'm living now, each day I work the balance between responsibility and blankly staring at the TV.  I'm not sure if I have the time or the patience to work my way through all the the seasons, though.  There's a part of me that may just Google a complete update so I can move forward.  That way, I can enjoy some couch time with the kids when it fits into my schedule, but I won't be so testy if they watch an episode without me.  I think it's the mature thing to do.

I'm wearing this today.

I kept this dress in my closet even though I never wore it last year.  I haven't worn it this year either, so today I'm testing it out.  It always felt a little 1960's Florida which is not a look I can pull off, so I'm hoping that wearing it over some rolled up skinny jeans will give it a little more of a boho vibe and make it feel more my style.  If something doesn't work over a pair of skinny jeans, it won't last long in my closet.  They are my fashion litmus test.

It's Meatless Monday and we'll be enjoying the classic poached egg on a salad with new shallot dressing I'm giving a try.  A classic.

gratitude:  sandwiches, dewy mornings, my tuberose and gardenia candle, sharing a couch

thanks and love.

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