Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm Offering Some Low Cost Life Improvements. When We Are Prepared To Make Bigger Investments, I'll Discuss The Need To Eliminate My Gray Underwear.

I noticed the other day, after my shower, a distinct lack of perky refreshment.  It wasn't (surprisingly) because of the amount of soap scum that is building up at a rapid pace on our tiles.  It was more a scent-based emptiness.  I had inadvertently brought home unscented soap.  Whaaa???  Using unscented soap makes me feel like I've slipped into colonial America and soon I'll be expected to dip a candle or work on an embroidery sampler.  It also conjures memories of Basis soap - used during an unfortunate complexion phase in my teens.  It simply doesn't add any joyous benefits to my life.  Scented soap makes me happy and why ever not add more happy to life where and when we can?

It's little things like a wonderful smelling soap that can raise a daily task (like showering) to a higher level.  It makes the whole experience just a little more special.  I know there are some rashy-types out there (I come from a long line of them myself) and maybe using scented soap isn't in the cards for you, but there are lots of other ways to add a little something extra to daily activities.  I've been doing all of these more or less for the last several years and I really think they have increased the feelings of loveliness in my life.  Give them a try yourself!

Make your bed:  I read somewhere that people who make their beds every morning are more productive than those who do not.  And, a made bed instantly makes your room look better.  I leave the bed unmade for a day over the weekends because I heard it allows fresh air to circulate and bedbugs and mites can't live in those conditions.  So a made bed most of the week and an unmade bed on Sundays is the plan.  A beautiful bedroom and no bugs to freak me out.  It's all about balance, people.

Drink your coffee or tea out of a beautiful mug:  Find yourself some mugs that you love - don't just settle for the ones that came with your dinnerware.  It's weird how something like a pretty mug can start your day on a nice note even if you're racing around the house trying to get ready and telling your family members that the damp underwear you just pulled out of the dryer for them should be considered refreshing.

Light a candle when making dinner:  Sometimes the thought of preparing another dinner makes me want to run my head through a wall.  And I love to cook.  But doing something like lighting a candle and pouring yourself a little glass of wine before you get started can help you feel a little more creative or inspired and less put upon.  We don't want people eating a meal that tastes of crabbiness.  So light that candle even if you're just picking up the phone to order a large with extra cheese.

Use a counter cleanser with a fabulous scent:  It's hard to avoid the necessity of counter cleaning especially in cases like mine with family members who seem to think plates are optional.  Finding one with a great scent almost makes you want to clean.  Almost.  I have a disturbing addiction to Method's cucumber scented cleanser right now.

Use cloth napkins:  This is a win for you and the earth.  Just keep a drawer of them and grab a bunch for every meal.  I don't even require matching, but if you're a matcher buy only white.

Sprinkle some eucalyptus oil in your shower:  Instant spa.  'Nuff said.

These little tips don't really cost much money or take any extra time at all, but I think you'll see they add a nice little zhush to life.  Enjoy!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and I'll be sporting this ensemble:

I think it honors the holiday while holding onto a bit of a boho vibe.  Plus, the top can be worn up with the self belt over a pair of shorts for neighborhood parade viewing, then taken down and worn over a swimsuit for a caftan effect around the pool.  I think versatility and adaptability are very American virtues.  A fashion statement indeed.

gratitude:  grilling, coolers, lawn chairs, s'mores

thanks and love.

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