Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's Do This.

Today is the day it all starts, isn't it?  I know yesterday was truly the beginning of the New Year, but if anyone is like me, today is go time.  Yesterday was sort of a rev the engines, check the rearview mirror, fasten the seat belts kind of day.  One of my many tasks along with moving my business forward, daily yoga and writing this blog, is taking the dry cleaning in.  Today.

I'm not the best at dry cleaning.  We just don't have such a regular need for things to be dry cleaned that we're taking it in on a weekly or even monthly basis.  An article of clothing can linger in the dry cleaning bag for literally months - perhaps even a couple seasons.  People have grown out of things, they've gone out of style or we've completely forgotten we own certain pieces just by their having been left in dry cleaning purgatory.  I'm the same with ironing.  I don't iron.  If it wrinkles, I believe it's proudly flaunting its natural fiber content.  The Downy wrinkle release spray is a life-saver for me (although, I have my doubts that we should be spraying it on while we're wearing the clothes).

Like drycleanable clothing, I'm feeling like I don't see much of my laptop anymore either.  It's an odd feeling.  Geoff gave me a new ipad for Christmas and now my relationship with my laptop feels awkward.  Everything is so easy with the ipad.  I can touch the screen and read my emails, read a book, watch a video, so so easily.  My laptop feels clunky now.  Granted it is more of a vintage laptop.  A hand me down from Geoff that I was so grateful for since my prior computer was just a step away from the amber screens of my youth.  I suppose like in any relationship one needs to make an effort to stay in touch.  Trying to post something three times a week, I suppose, will ensure the laptop and I at least have a working relationship.  I do hope computers don't have feelings.

I'm wearing this today.

I love a statement necklace over a plaid shirt.  I added the sweater because I looked a tad like a gussied up Temple Grandin without it.  The necklace is my all-time favorite.  The Lilith Fringe from Stella & Dot.  I shouldn't love a necklace so much.  It makes me happy to wear it and, since I'm taking JD to the orthodontist, it'll be fun to show the girls at the office since they always love a little S&D (and it's a Trunk Show Special this month to boot).

Good luck today everyone.

gratitude:  pizza delivery, paper towels, lemon water, calendars (the desktop kind)

thanks and love.

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