Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On Caring For Animals (because I have nothing else to talk about).

Basically folks, I've got nothin'.  I'm posting today simply because I've told myself I'm going to try to get three of these treasures up a week.  I need a goal, but I'm not the type of person who would challenge myself to run marathon distances.  Frankly, I need to know there is a cute t-shirt and snacks in a swag bag at the end just to enter a 5K.  I certainly could not push myself to stick to a restrictive diet either.  I dabbled in vegetarianism in college - swearing myself off all meat for a year or so.  Then my hair started falling out.  But, not even the clumps of hair in my shower deterred me.  Rather, it was the siren song of The Whopper.  I can only take so much.

The vegetarian reference segues me to my main subject.  Caring for animals.  Our pets.  I am an unabashed animal lover.  My parents gave me a membership to Greenpeace when I was about 13 years old.  I support the Humane Farming Association.  I don't go to circuses.   The animal welfare rating system Whole Foods offers (whether or not it's legit) makes me feel better.  I like meatless Mondays.  I can't watch those commercials for the ASPCA with Sarah McLaughlin singing.  I use cruelty-free products.  I still keep our basset hounds' (Daisy and Claire) ashes on my bedside table.  You get the picture.

Animal love is a beautiful thing.  But with pets, we are at their mercy.  Not only do we love them, but we want them to love us too.  With dogs it's easy.  You know it when they love you.  But I've discovered other pets are a bit harder to read.

We currently are the proud owners of a nervous, rescued, guinea pig named Spike.  He spends most of his time in a blue cave we have in his cage.  While we do all we can to make him like us, he still hides when we're around.  Sometimes he'll stick his nose near the entrance of his shelter and allow us to scratch him with our index finger.  On some really special occasions he'll allow a lengthier scratch, outside the cave, while he's getting a drink of water.  These moments are offered to Geoff most often, but when anyone in our family gets a chance to touch his snout, we somehow feel honored.

I'm caring for my parents' cat for a few days.  Andy is a cat's cat and not particularly interested in hanging out with any humans outside my parents.  I'll come by their  house twice a day for a few days to check in on him.  I will wash out his dishes, freshen his water, make sure he has all the food he likes, even clean out his litter box.   I'll do all this, then I'll sit alone in the living room, surrounded by cat toys, hoping with all my heart that he'll come out of his closet and brush against my back.

I'm wearing this.

No, it doesn't look like cat-sitting attire, but I'm trying to give Andy the impression it's no big deal to me whether or not he adores me.  I'm also wearing coated denim pants which I love because they look a little like leather and  feel 'on trend', but comfy.  I also love a loose, white T.  This one has a zipper in the back and makes me feel cooler than I really am.  I've created a blank canvas because some of my treasured Stella & Dot samples arrived today (I'm wearing the Pamela and the Avalon Crescent, layered) and I like to play dress-up as soon as I open the box.

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thanks and love.


  1. Hi Mallory, I am a friend of Geoff's from BC, and enjoy reading your minutiae. I was a blogger for years and years (The Chic Chauffeur's Guide to LIfe in the Carpool Lane), but have fallen off the wagon... the outfit of the day pics were killing me!

    Thanks for the entertaining reads!


    1. Thank you, Sarah, for your kind words. I love that you have blogged in the past (I may need some tips)! What a great name for your blog too! I can see how the outfits could become challenging. I'm glad I don't show my face in these posts - sometimes I'm standing there with wet hair because Geoff (my photographer) needs to leave.

      Glad to have you as a reader!!