Monday, January 7, 2013

Just Another Minutiae Monday.

I do hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Our Wonderful Weekend in the West was indeed just that.  We dined at the new home of our dear, dear friends, the Shapiros and had a blast.  I managed to christen the abode by dribbling prosecco on a new chair during the house tour.  Now it feels even more like home, I'm sure.  I also made lentils.  I don't understand why they didn't generate more excitement among the family.  We spontaneously dropped in on my parents for a face-to-face 'Happy Birthday' wish for my mom where we drank wine and laughed.  And we capped it off with a celebratory dinner in honor of Mom at the Capital Grill.  It was fabulous and such a wonderful occasion.  I wore this:

This is my cello concert look.  It's a classic and works every time.  Also good with black pants, but then it's less cello concert and more Geek Squad.  And, in a very MacGuyver moment, I lengthened my Estate Bib necklace with a Nina bracelet and created this longer awesome statement piece.  I felt chic and crafty.

For anyone wondering if I indeed have a head, here is a group shot from the dinner.  I had no idea anyone invited Molly Brown.

Geoff and I took a walk this weekend as well and I made a realization that I need to beef up my fitness apparel.  I wore this:

Yes.  Those are ski socks.  And some Adidas pants that I thought were cool, but actually look more like a man's dress pant with some stripes on the side.  And also some very sorry looking shoes.  I bought those spiffy kicks at DSW (truly a hotbed of athletic apparel) about 8 years ago.  Since then they have been worn by both children, even once by JD to lacrosse practice when he forgot his cleats.  The stain was the result of an art project JD was working on in school (in fourth grade).  He was probably startled and dropped the paint when another kid yelled, "Hey!  Are those your mom's shoes?"

The ski socks are my fault.  It was cold.  And I had a load of whites that lingered for a couple days in the washing machine.

I am also lifting my pants to better expose the ski socks.  Dear gravy.  It was bad, but not cropped pants with knee socks bad.

During our walk I looked like I was recuperating from an illness or that I'd just popped out of a chair aerobics class.  It occurred to me (and anyone else who may have seen me that day) that I may need to have something to wear that's a tad sportier than a J.Crew sweatshirt-style pullover.  

In order to be prepared for the occasional need to dress for fitness while communing with the general public I will make some key additions to my wardrobe this year.  I think I'll start with the shoes.  I don't suppose I'd get any arguments there.

gratitude:  dear friends, scented candles, private dining rooms, family,  Kinkos

thanks and love. 

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