Friday, January 25, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty.

This weekend, I was reading online about examples of resolutions and goals people had set for themselves in 2013 and one person actually said she was going to make sure she watched the sun coming up every day.  I could not fathom why someone, who obviously didn't have to get up while it was still dark, would actually choose to do this.  "Why not also resolve to clean the garage every afternoon or do your taxes before breakfast each day?" I thought.  It was beyond me.

With a middle-schooler and a high-schooler, we start our days well before the sun comes up.  When NPR blasts from our alarm, I don't usually find myself eagerly throwing off the covers and dashing downstairs to start my day.  Instead I reluctantly throw a sweatshirt over my jammies and muster all the motor skills I have at that point to put my hair into something that resembles a ponytail.  I rouse the kids -  who seem to have become immune to the alarms on their cell phones -  and head downstairs to whip up some organic pop tarts (I'm not a pancakes and scrambled eggs before school kind of mom).  Needless to say, the peaceful pre-dawn hours tend to slip by relatively unnoticed.

I decided, this week, to at least try to appreciate the fact that I don't have to change my day to experience the sunrise.   I vowed to view my situation from the perspective that I'm lucky enough to get to see the sun rise every day - without any new effort.  I think it made a difference.

Usually - when the sun begins to peek over the horizon -  I'm driving up the hill from the middle school bus stop, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, the steering wheel in the other, and wearing a sweatshirt, pajama pants and Geoff's shoes because they are usually sitting right by the door to the garage (I pray I never have car trouble).   But this week (even though I looked just as stunning) I have tried to slow the car a bit, turn the radio off and take in the sky. I discovered you get a nice feeling watching the light grow in the distance.  It feels hopeful.  And the day feels fresh.  I kinda like it.

I'm pretty good about appreciating the little things in my life that bring me joy, but trying to be grateful for aspects of something I'm not fond of has been a new development.  Enjoying the rising sun this week has made me happier.   Now I see there are other areas in which I could amp up my thankfulness.  Washing clothes, for instance.  Kind of a hassle really, but I'm pretty glad I'm not hauling our hampers down to a dirty river and beating the clothes on rocks.  Also, cleaning the toilet.  So glad Clorox has invented toilet scrubbers that allow me to attach a bleach soaked disc to a "wand" and, after whisking it around the bowl, ejecting it into the trash can with just the click of a button.  Magic.

I'm going to try to keep this new awareness part of my day.  I does feel good.  Give it a try!

We saw David Sedaris last night and I wore this:

This combo is a direct result of the realization that I have only three pairs of pants I like.  When they are all in the laundry and I need a jazzier outfit than normal, I start reaching for things I forgot I owned.  This skirt was from one of those "designer boutiques" Target has sometimes.  I bought it last summer and this was the first time I wore it.  Somehow it just never felt right before, but last night I was desperate so it got the nod.  To be honest, I felt a little sassy in this number.  I like the full, short skirt and the black and navy together felt as chic as I had hoped.  I may be working the skirt into my regular rotation.  And buying more pants.

gratitude:  new cookbooks, lip liner, funny people, a free evening

thanks and love.

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