Friday, January 4, 2013

Fabulous Friday.

It concerns me more than a little that unsweetened lemonade Kool-Aid offers the same cleansing benefits as white vinegar and bleach.  In an overwhelmingly domestic moment I Googled how to get the funky smell out of a dishwasher.  This was not in any way an effort to move myself closer to Domestic Goddess status, but rather a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that our last load of dishes smelled like cheese.  Knowing we haven't had Kool-Aid in the house since Eliza tried to dye her hair with it this summer, I took the vinegar/bleach approach.  Turns out, through some careful measuring, durable glassware and really, really hot water, your dishwasher can be returned to its original freshness!  I can't remember what our dishwasher smelled like originally, but now it smells like the hot springs pool in Steamboat.

And now for something completely different.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday.  She is a great mom.  She's done so much for me, and no one in the world has taught me more about the importance of having a sense of humor than she has.  She believes this is a throwback to our Irish heritage.  Humor can get you though anything.  Well, it helps you get through things.  Sometimes you need medicine or counseling or a rescue helicopter, but humor makes it better.  My mom seems to laugh more now than she ever has.  And her laugh makes us all laugh.  It's great.  My mom has always encouraged my love of fashion and style.  She can tablescape like nobody's business.  She is an Ebay wizard.  She can do the New York Times crossword (even on the hard days).  She's a fabulous friend.  My dad is crazy about her.  So is her cat.  Working with her in our staging business was the best thing about our staging business.  She is an incredible Nana to her grandchildren.  I love to talk to her.  She cares about everything.  She. Is. Wonderful.

Happy birthday, Mom!!!  I love you!

I wore this yesterday.  It's a multipurpose outfit.  We sat through Eliza's MRI then were off to the Nuggets game.  A rich, full life, indeed.

Looking back, this isn't my best effort.  The cardigan was a nice layer in the MRI waiting room, but after the dash home I added the blazer to experiment with the long cardigan/short blazer concept. I should have belted the cardigan.  Would have made all the difference.  Live and learn.  Now we all know.  Belt the cardigan.

gratitude:  modern medicine, heated car seats, Google, expensive lotion samples

thanks and love.

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