Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Not For Me.

So I was having one of my early morning Pinterest sessions and had a realization.  There are certain looks that, at this point in my life, I just don't think make much sense.  I'm speaking of this destroyed denim trend.  What caught my eye was a great shot of someone in a crisp white shirt and a modified version of the classic Chanel jacket.  I was on my way to hit 'repin' when I looked closer and saw giant, frayed holes in the knees of her jeans.

Now, I'm all for roughed up denim.  I like a few frayed edges and a slightly scuffed look.  But, the jeans with all the holes in them?  I don't think they look so cool anymore.  At first, it was interesting to see the contrast of an otherwise fabulous outfit junked up with a torn jean.  Now it seems a bit tired.  But I certainly found it compelling at one point and even gave it a serious attempt.

I didn't want to spend too much money on the torn jeans 'trend' so I ventured to a store that catered to people who might still get an allowance.  After a lengthy search I found a pair with suitable destruction, but didn't look like they'd been worn by a victim of a bear attack.  I made my way to the corner of a large room slightly covered by a drape dressing room to give them a shot - excited at the prospect of adding a hip, new element to my wardrobe.  I worked for a few minutes to secure the sheet that shielded me from the 15 other people in the room while Katy Perry belted out the extended dance version of 'Firework'.

When I picked up the pants I noticed the zipper (foreshadowing?).  It was two inches long.  Seriously, wouldn't a button have worked just as well?  While marveling at the machinery required to apply a two inch zipper to a pair of jeans, I slipped my foot into the leg of the pant.  It seemed to me that my leg went in too easily, there wasn't the feeling of pulling on an entire swath of material.  I looked down, balancing on one foot and pushing my head against the drape, and saw that most of my leg had gone through the manufactured hole in the knee.  I stood there, in my little tent, half undressed, with a pair of jeans wrapped around one calf.  I determined at that point, since I couldn't even manage to successfully place these jeans on my body, that perhaps this look wasn't for me.  I gently folded the jeans, pushed my curtain aside and headed out of the store with what was left of my dignity.

 So while I disagree with this trend on a style basis, I'm willing to admit some of my disdain may come from post-traumatic stress.

On to what I wore yesterday because it really is exciting, isn't it?  I wore this!

While other bloggers snap shots of what they wore to dinners at awesome restaurants and on urban adventures, I like to show you what you might want to wear to a high school talent show.  A striped sweater (classic) and navy blazer (also classic) make for an easy outfit that can take you from the high school auditorium to the gas station in a snap.  This outfit managed to do just that for me.  I also had the Serenity on (great with stripes) and a wristful of goodness.  I even took a picture of my arm during Intermission. Here it is.

That's the Emerson, the Christina, the Renegade, and a gold bangle I inherited about 25 years ago after  my mom had her colors done and was told she shouldn't wear gold.  I wear it always - because I love it and because after so long it's molded to my wrist and I can't get it off without pain.

And finally, because I want to provide you with more than strange, little essays on my life, I thought I'd share a fun cocktail for you to consider over the weekend.  It's called a French 75 and it's named for a rapid-firing piece of French artillery used during World War I.  Sounds tasty, doesn't it?  Well, it is.  It's champagne-based, which is the only way I can enjoy a cocktail, and it's a potent little thing.  Make sure you have some nibbles on hand if you dare to have a second.  Or don't have a second and know you won't have to apologize to anyone the next day.

French 75

2 oz. champagne
1 oz. Cognac
1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz. simple syrup*
lemon twist

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake Cognac, lemon juice and syrup.  Strain into a champagne flute, fill with champagne and garnish with lemon twist.  Feel chic and fabulous.

*Simple Syrup:  Dissolve one sugar in one cup of water over low heat.  Cool before using.  Store leftover syrup in fridge.

gratitude:  nice kids at public high schools, pistachios, pink flowers, big windows

thanks and love.

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