Friday, August 2, 2013

I Really Can't Believe I'm Writing A Blog And Complaining About How My Cell Phone Talks To Me. Before You Know It I'll Be Whining About Teleportation Speed Or How My Hover Craft Responds To Heavy Traffic.

I spend a lot of time in my car.  Between the child-centric jaunts to sporting events and the like, to staging projects, appointments and meetings, I find myself regularly exploring what feels like the entire front range of Colorado.  I rely on my iphone's mapping feature a lot to get me to all the new places I go - and to some places that should be familiar to me, but because I have no sense of direction I cannot seem to locate a second time.  In order to go hands-free I use Siri to read the directions to me as I drive. I don't like her very much.

She constantly interrupts me when I'm speaking to someone in my car.  She has terrible manners - nary does she use a 'please' or an 'excuse me'.  I want to scream "What's the magic word, Siri?"  And she's incredibly demanding.  If I need to turn in 500 feet, she gives me no less than three reminders in 10 seconds that I need to turn in 500 feet even though my signal is on and I clearly have every intention to make the required direction change.  Got it, Siri.  Plus she mispronounces things all the time.  Perhaps I spend too much time in the car.

I think we should be able to choose different voices for our direction giver.  I hear this is already a possibility so I'll need to find a young person to see if I can make the change on my phone.  I'd like John Cleese to give me directions with a Monty Python vibe.  Or maybe Oprah could do the honors and finish each trip with some kind of affirmation.  The possibilities are endless, really.  But I need to make a change soon because me and my fragile ego cannot take another trip with Mean Girl Siri.  It makes me want wine.

I'm wearing this today.

These pants are ill-fitting, so while I'll enjoy the look of a crisp, white jean they will also serve as a silent reminder that a "roomy waist" may seem like a flaw you can live with comfortably, but will eventually leave you with a serious case of suspender envy.

gratitude:  time management experiments, crusty bread, jammies before dark, music

thanks and love.

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