Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh, How I'll Miss The Forgiving Aspect Of Outdoor Entertaining. The Cooler Temps Will Force Guests Inside And The Fact That You Can Write Your Name In The Dust On Our Dining Room Table Will No Longer Be Quite So Funny.

To cap off our week, we'll be heading up to Red Rocks tonight to catch the Brian Regan show.  I've never seen a comedy performance at Red Rocks before and I'm not sure what to expect.  Is there an opening band?  An opening comedian?  Will it rain?  Do you tailgate?  Will there be a drunk guy stumbling down your row asking if you've seen his friends?  So many questions.  My approach to events at Red Rocks have changed a bit since my youth.  Instead of a bag of Taco Bell for dinner and a trash bag poncho for rain, we'll be entertaining friends at our house pre-show with some nummies (tasty) and beergaritas (dangerous) and we'll take along a nice golf umbrella in case it rains.  I suppose I could bring a trash bag just as easily, but I bought the kind scented with Febreeze and I'm not sure I want to spend an evening soaking wet and smelling like Glade's interpretation of a Spring Meadow.

I'll be wearing this:

The top is a new little number I picked up at TJ Maxx while looking for a floor lamp for a staging job.  Multi-tasking at its finest.

gratitude:  stuff from the entheos website, our car charger for cell phones, pesto, tasty and affordable wines with screw tops

thanks and love.

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