Monday, August 5, 2013

Yesterday, I Stood On A Dead Mouse. Today, I Hit A Blogging Milestone. I Wonder What Tomorrow Holds?

This is my 100th post and I just want to thank you all for reading this blog.  It was such a spur of the moment decision to start sharing things this way, but it has exceeded my expectations in almost every aspect.  Typically, I like to include some gratitude items at the end of each post, but today I think it's important to make gratitude the entire focus because I am grateful for all of you.

I'm grateful that you take time to read this three times a week or as often as you can.  Or maybe only when the headline is especially weird.  Or if you are really curious about what I'm wearing or maybe you have no idea what to serve for Meatless Monday or how to make a French 75.  Either way, thank you for reading.

I'm grateful that you comment when you do.  It feels good to hear from you.  Sometimes blogging can feel a little bit like writing in a vacuum and it means a lot to me to hear your voices too.

I'm grateful so many of you share this blog with your friends.  I hope to spread the notion that there is humor in so much of life, that we can choose to see things beautifully and make them so ourselves, and that it's important to find things to be grateful for each day.  No matter how minute.

I'm wearing this today.

I feel jazzy.

It's Meatless Monday and Geoff is away on business, so breakfast for dinner it is.   Pancakes with peanut butter and syrup will be topping our menu tonight.  If you haven't tried peanut butter on your pancakes you have not lived.  Plus, it's a handy form of protein when the stringent requirements of Meatless Monday eliminate the sausage option.

gratitude:  blog readers, friends old and new, humor, YouTube

thanks and love.

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