Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Honestly Haven't Been Myself Since I Saw Miley Cyrus Emerge From That Teddy Bear On The VMAs. I've Wanted A Hot Shower And A Very Firm Loofah Ever Since.

I was going to skip a post today.  Ironically, I mentioned to Geoff early this morning (before the "day" had really started) that I was, if anything, happy to know I've been consistent with my blog posts.  Even if no one reads what I write, my regular MondayWednesdayFriday postings meant something to me.  Shortly thereafter, the Universe broke into hysterical laughter.

Fast forward six hours and I'm sitting on our back patio, welling up, and Googling self-esteem articles.  Clearly, things had taken a turn since I hopped out of bed.  And looking back none of what happened was even all that bad.  It was just the combo of events, the significance I gave to them, the place I find myself in life right now, and perhaps a slight hormonal imbalance that caused things to go off kilter a bit.

This is what went down.  JD accidentally took my phone to school.  Eliza had mentioned that she and her friends would like to come by for lunch today, but the food at our house has been labeled by many as too healthy and could she please just have some less healthy stuff for occasions such as this.  A client hasn't called me back in two days.  Plus our cabinets are really dirty and there are burnt out light bulbs all over the place.  I took all this, and turned it into a stream of personal failures.  Failures to keep firm boundaries between my kids and technology, from providing tasty food for all guests, a failure to run a successful business, and to keep my home clean and well-lit on a consistent basis.  I thought to myself, what does this all say about me?  I can't be good.

So after some writing, some articles from Tiny Buddha, and a helpful YouTube video or two I realize I'm just having one of those days.  We all have them.  If things hit us in the wrong way at the wrong time, it can be a mess.  While on other days, those exact same events at the exact same time wouldn't cause even a slight shift in inner peace.  It just happens.  And when it does, I think it's important to reach out for some help.  Read something, write something, talk to someone or listen to something inspiring.  Those activities can give us perspective and the energy and fresh insight to get back on the path.

Even if the path takes you to the frozen food aisle at King Soopers so you can buy some taquitos made with questionable meat.

I'm wearing jeans and a white t-shirt.  Hardly photo worthy, so instead, here's a nice quote by Brene Brown to carry with you today or on any day where you might need a little inner boost.

gratitude:  talks, time, the warmth of the sun, the little finch on the fence post

thanks and love.

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