Monday, August 12, 2013

Speak Softly And Carry A Flappy Piece Of Plastic.

I've mentioned before my great love of animals.  And also that this affection for living things extends even to our insect population.  I may have misspoken.  When it comes to flies, I discovered this weekend, I'm a cold-blooded killer.

At first we just had a couple flies in the kitchen and one by Spike's cage in the mud room.  Then there were a few in the living room.  That was weird.  Then two more in the kitchen and another couple flying around the bathroom near the the garage.  It became clear to us, after sighting almost 20 flies, we were under attack.

We trapped a couple in the sliding windows in our kitchen and attempted to flatten a few more with rolled up magazines, but our results were somewhat disappointing.  It seemed with every fly we sent 'to a better place', another two or three would pop up in their place.  Geoff ran out for some coffee (we needed our strength) and when he returned he brought back a three-pack of fly swatters.  I could not have been more excited had he come home with a dozen roses and a gift card to Anthropologie.

The fly swatters were game changers.  We were racking up kills like nobody's business.  Two on the coffee table, a few on the counter and one right on the trash can.  We were taking them out two at a time, even back-to-back with one swat to the left and one to the right.  We carried our swatters around with us like you'd carry a rifle during a zombie apocalypse - never letting our weapons out of our grasp should the need arise to take out one of the enemy.

I don't know what started this nasty invasion.  It's better I not let my mind linger too long on the possibilities.  Could be the pigeons, could be a dead bird outside, maybe something that passed away in the open space behind our house, or that we have a guinea pig who produces twice his body weight in poop every day.  Either way word seems to be out within the fly community that any further pursuit of the High family is not recommended.  And, after our brilliant defense, I find I'm walking with a bit more swagger today.  Victory is sweet.

How was your weekend?

It's Meatless Monday and, since we'll be at a golf tournament for JD who has a tee time of 2:42, when dinner rolls around I will be enjoying whatever interpretation of a Caesar salad or veggie wrap this course offers.  I wish you all more control over your Monday meals.

I'm wearing this.

My black eyelet dress from Old Navy has been on of my favorites.  Here it is being used to cleverly hide the hole in my jeans as well as cover up legs that could use a bit more time in the sun.

gratitude:  cherry pie, fly swatters, afternoon rain showers, tea

thanks and love.

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