Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And This Week, I'm Teaching My Children Why It Pays Not To Procrastinate. Let This Line At American Eagle Be A Lesson To You, Kids.

Just a quick post today - did you know school starts next week?  Really, I think we need more warning. The county should send out a blast email or something in mid-July as a helpful reminder that we are halfway through summer and maybe nudging us a bit to schedule some appointments.  I could have used that.  So now, we're a week out and I've managed to squeeze every doctor appointment, dental checkup, closet cleaning, clothes shopping, supply gathering and backpack emptying into four days.  This leaves time for little else.

Quotes can soothe us and direct our thoughts as we maneuver our way through life and back-to-school shopping lines.  Here is one I'm enjoying right now - perhaps you will too.

"Every day brings a choice:  to practice stress or to practice peace."
- Joan Borysenko

I am trying to practice peace.  Really working on it.

I'm wearing this today.

The patterned top will be used to distract other shoppers so I can sweep in for the last 12-pack of black and blue pens at the Target School Supply Thunderdome.

gratitude:  understanding, kind words, homemade pastry dough, animals

thanks and love.

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