Friday, May 24, 2013

If You Need Me I'll Be The One Adjusting My Tank Top To Better Manage My Sun Exposure And Cheering On 13-Year-Olds Like I Had Money Riding On Their Game.

Oh, a long weekend!  The fabulous start of the summer season.  We'll be heading up to Steamboat for a lacrosse tournament and I can't wait.  As excited as I am for our weekend in the high country, I may be more eager for the drive up.  I love it when we're all in the car together for road trips.  The three hour drive to Steamboat is just about right.  Any longer and I start to think flying might have been a better option.  Road trips are a bit of a challenge for me though - I get so sleepy with the movement of the car - even a drive to the grocery store can leave me feeling a little drowsy.  But I'm pretty good at getting to Steamboat without giving into my body's desire to drift of to dreamland and I don't want to miss this time.  Three hours together inside a Volvo, with snacks, music and virtually no cell phones sounds like a slice of heaven.

Prior to departure though, I have to get the house in a better condition than our usual standard of slightly unkempt, but not quite trashed.  I can't stand coming back from a relaxing time away to a messy house.  I like the beds made, dishes put away and everything picked up.  I think it lessens the shock to my system caused by returning home after a few days with the benefit of housekeeping services.  A massive vacuuming is certainly in order this morning.  We have a 'no shoes in the house' policy, but I think it's being violated regularly.  While I was making some toast today I noticed our floor looked like something you'd see under a stadium seat.  We have bits of grass, money, flower petals, a gum wrapper, some lacrosse shooting strings, corn chip scraps, and peanuts under our table and along the bottom of our cabinets.   Disturbingly, I don't even remember buying peanuts.

I'm wearing this:

I feel a very bohemian summer coming on.

And I'd like to wish my sweet Geoffrey a happy anniversary for tomorrow.  It's been quite an adventure together and I'm happy to say, while we've had some wonderful times,  I like where we are today more than any place we've been so far.  I love you!

gratitude:  quick delivery for internet orders, sitting outside at night, pedicures, long weekends

thanks and love.

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