Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Betwixt and Between.

It occurred to me the other day, that we are just a few short weeks from swimsuit season (cue nervous laughter).  We have a community pool just up the street from our house, so I can't avoid a Lycra based element in my wardrobe.  I haven't purchased a swimsuit in a few several years, and I am way past the point of needing something new.  Last year, it became clear to me that I'm no longer a good candidate for a string bikini and and I don't intend spend another summer feeling uncomfortable and dashing to the pool when no one is looking.  

It's not that I naturally am drawn to super skimpy swimsuits, but about five years ago we went to Hawaii and, as is the case with many who have a tropical vacation on their horizon, I undertook a vigorous workout regimen to better prepare my then 40-year-old body for some beach exposure.  I must say, it was a success and for the first time in a long time ever, I really didn't mind walking around in nothing more than a $15 Target bikini.  It was delightful, but since then, things have changed a bit.

Let's just say,  I'm more of a long walk and a lot of yoga kind of girl now.  It keeps me in good shape and mentally happy, but I appreciate a bit more coverage in swimwear nowadays.  I like a two-piece mostly for the avoidance of the dreaded lily white stomach effect, but I don't want to be one of those women who has crossed the line of age and body shape and makes everyone sad when she pulls off her coverup because she's clinging to a suit style that's passed her by.  I also don't want to give Eliza any body dysmorphia issues by moving right into a skirted one-piece and fearing the exposure that comes with anything more revealing.  I have never had less of a firm footing fashionwise and I attribute it to my age. The mid-forties are a swimsuit No Man's Land.

I also have non-negotiable requirements now - proper bum coverage and a little something extra in the top.  I've made the mistake before of buying one of the swimsuits from Victoria's Secret that adds an extra cup size or two up top.  I felt like I was wearing a floatation device - honestly, non-swimmers could have held onto it for safety.  On top of that, when I got out of the pool I had to discreetly wring out my "chest" or it would have stayed damp for hours risking a skin condition from the constant moisture.  I'm looking for some enhancement, not a complete transformation.  So I can't just grab a suit off the rack or order it online and expect it to fit properly.  I really need to try it on, but I'm rarely in the mood to do so.  Standing in the dressing room under the florescent lights and studying myself in a swimsuit layered over my underwear makes me need a glass of wine.  Very badly.

I know I need to invest in something quality.  Perhaps it's a sign of maturity that I'd rather have one fabulous suit I feel great in, than five swimsuits that leave me feeling too exposed or "enhanced".  I'll also make sure to have a good collection of coverups.  One needs to be prepared for the days when we want nothing more than to lounge poolside with a good book and a glass of something delicious and not worry about whether or not our stomach looks like a teenager's.

I'm wearing this today.

I love this particular necklace over a pattern.  Sometimes I think when we wear a patterned shirt, we feel like adding a necklace would be too much.  But I've found that's not usually the case.  Putting a necklace over a pattern creates a nice extra layer to look at, but it doesn't make as huge a statement as it would over a solid color.  Suddenly the whole look - patterned shirt and necklace - becomes a bit quieter but more interesting at the same time.  Give it a go sometime!

gratitude:  thunder, the smell of rain, the sound of lawnmowers, good timing

thanks and love.

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