Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Have You Ever Been To The Same Grocery Store So Many Times In One Day That Even The Employees Are Looking At You Like You Really Need To Pull It Together?

I'm having one of those weeks we all seem to enjoy more frequently toward the end of a school session - the ones filled with meetings and celebrations and tournaments and school projects that require numerous trips to the grocery store and printer to complete.  And, in an ironic twist of fate, during the busiest time of the school year, it appears the staging business I ran with my mom for several years, has somehow risen from the dead.  Like a Phoenix, High Style Staging is cranking out estimates and sourcing furniture for a home.  Of course, this means we are hanging by a thread at the High house as we navigate through the expected and unexpected busyness of this week - but everyone is being fed and no one has missed an event, so I'll consider that a win.

This is one of the drawbacks to not having a regular career in an office, one that is consistent week in and week out.  Because I have chosen to work a variety of jobs from my home, I rarely have a schedule that is the same week to week.  I like it that way, but it does pose challenges.  It requires split second adjustments and sometimes efficiency takes a backseat.   I've actually found myself in the same King Soopers parking lot four times this morning.  It's not that I don't plan, I make lists - detailed lists - but I leave them at home and usually remember what I forgot about the time the door starts to lift as I'm pulling into the garage.

I'm also wearing this:

I had every intention to shower at some point, but that too has slipped through the cracks.  My outfit was not intended to last all day, but I'm glad I bothered to put on pants with a zipper.  That way I still feel "dressed" and not like I'm zipping around all day in something better suited for a bout with the flu.  Although, this look seems pretty close to flu-worthy.

I was feeling generous today and bought some cupcakes at Whole Foods for dessert.

They're on top of my cookbooks.  Does anyone else have to hide special foodstuffs?  These wouldn't last five minutes if my kids knew they were in the house.

gratitude:  going with the flow, budding trees, Method laundry detergent, grilling

thanks and love.

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