Monday, May 13, 2013

I Ate Altoids For Breakfast. I Think It's Time For A Trip To The Grocery Store.

I don't know about you other moms out there, but I kinda wish every day could be like Mother's Day.  It was a great weekend all around (yesterday was the tops), but we're feeling a beat behind over here at the High household.  It appears we forgot to schedule in any downtime this weekend and as a result have been going non-stop since about 2:00 on Friday afternoon.  Lots of fun, but we need to regain control.  We have hard limes and soft avocados on our counter, piles of laundry in the upstairs hall, 300 pairs of shoes scattered around our kitchen table, and we're down to yogurt and leftover Chinese in the fridge.

As hard as it is to start a busy week after a frantic weekend, it does become absolutely clear that non-scheduled time is critical to our peace and happiness as a family and as individuals.  Crazy weekends like this remind us how important it is to protect a few hours here and there to just 'be'.  It's fun either way, but we definitely feel better after a slightly less hectic 48 hours.

Since I'm feeling a tad drained, I'm wearing these pants today:

The pattern will keep me alert if I start to fade and it may give the illusion that I'm actually moving faster than I really am.

Meatless Monday will feature avocado toast and sliced tomatoes.  Or cereal.

gratitude:  the wonderful Mother's Day Geoff and the kids gave me, extra moisturizing lotion, patio planning, eating outside

thanks and love.

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