Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yesterday I Thought I Had a Disease, But I Got A Second Opinion.

I don't really care if medical experts recommend not diagnosing yourself online.  It's not like I'd schedule a surgery or something without speaking to an actual doctor, but if I don't feel good and I'm going to the grocery store where they sell things that could make me feel better, online information can point me in the right direction.  As can the helpful and friendly pharmaceutical assistant, tongue piercing aside.

Plus, I'm fairly confident in my ability to handle situations that would otherwise call for a medical professional.  I feel this comes from mothering children and basset hounds.  Sometimes, if you've seen the condition before, it's just not worth the time and effort to make it to the doctor or the vet.  It had gotten to a point in our lives that I could diagnose and drain a canine sebaceous cyst at home, then treat a case of childhood stomach flu while cleaning vomit from the decorative canopy that draped the vomiter's headboard.  In the same day.  Not for the faint of heart.

So, while I may not be a doctor, I've had kids and dogs and understand how Google works, so I'm good to go with an internet search of symptoms.   Of course, taking this approach requires a cool head because no matter what you're researching, the first symptom match that comes up is always something dreadful.  Yesterday, I thought I had an inner ear disease.  For about 10 minutes.

Thankfully, before I started saying my goodbyes, (because according to some website, in about a day I would likely take to my bed and possibly attempt a Vincent Van Gogh-type ear removal) I toggled farther down the page.  I found that my condition may also just be really weird allergies and could be treated with Claritin and a nasal decongestant.  I decided to follow that course.

So I medicated myself yesterday and felt a bit better.  My hearing hasn't improved (that may be subconsciously selective) and after the 12-hour tablet wore off, I could feel my ears filling up again. But I can breathe through both nostrils and I no longer feel like I'm on a ship in rough seas.  And, because I'm easily affected by medication, I have experienced a slight, but welcome, boost in energy.

 I don't know if this is because there is an ingredient in the pill that's used to cook meth or because I'm not carrying around a 300 lb. head anymore, but oh! am I productive.  Laundry and closet cleaning have been joyously completed, emails returned, business conducted, and bedrooms brought to order.   Today maybe I'll scrub down the showers with a toothbrush.

I'm wearing this today.

In Ines de la Fressange's book, Parisian Chic, she notes that low Converse sneakers in blue are 'must-haves', so of course I procured a pair.  They sometimes conjure up images of Creative Directors at ad agencies or Bennigan's Blues Busters, but I choose to focus on their timeless Frenchy appeal.

gratitude:  beautiful skies, light bulb replacement, kids vacuuming their bedrooms,  pancakes with peanut butter and syrup

thanks and love.

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