Friday, April 19, 2013

Not Quite A Slasher Movie, But Close.

It's a busy Friday, but I am for sure squeezing in a trip to Old Navy.  I had a shaving incident and now I need new pants.

A week or so ago I cut my knee shaving - granted, I'm a speed shaver so this is not an unusual occurrence.  It was just a nick at the time, but since then I've re-injured myself each time I run the razor up my leg.  I'll look down while I'm rinsing and it's like the shower scene from Psycho.  I don't even feel it anymore.

So yesterday, it happened again.   Shaving, blood loss, rinse, moisturizer, etc.  No big deal.  I got out of the shower and slapped a scrap of Kleenex on it to seal it up.  Then I got on with my routine.  Hair, makeup, fold some laundry, tooth brushing, check email - the usual.  After about half an hour I felt it was safe to throw on a pair of jeans - I had to get going.  I left the Kleenex in place on my knee as a precaution.  As I was racing back from the laundry room I looked down to find the bloody scrap of tissue on my bedroom floor.  Gross, but no problem, I thought.  The wound must have sealed up and the tissue dropped off once it had done its job.  I looked down to confirm this and was horrified by what I saw.

The knee of my jeans was covered in red splotches.  Some were small pinpricks others were almost dime sized.  It looked like a crime scene.  How could I not have felt this kind of injury?  And, worst of all, the jeans were my white skinnies!  A critical wardrobe element.  Instantly I was not only concerned about my loss of blood - wondering if I was getting lightheaded and maybe needed a glass of juice before I did anything else, but it also occurred to me that I had just eliminated numerous cute outfits from my rotation by ruining this single pair of pants.

I immediately removed the jeans and began what has turned out to be a futile rescue effort.  Half a bottle of Shout Advanced and what was left of our Spot Shot combined with three washing cycles has left me with a cute pair of jeans that appears to have a light, henna-colored, Jackson Pollack sort of design on one knee.  And I think I have a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitive motion of squeezing the trigger on the stain remover bottles.  My knee is fine, however.

So jean replacement is on the docket.  Maybe I'll buy two pairs (the Rockstar jeans are not real investment pieces anyway) just to be on the safe side.  And I'm going to try to slow it down in the shower.  I may need to throw on a pair of shorts soon and I don't want to have to worry about open wounds.

I'm wearing this today:

Dark skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a blazer.  With a fun necklace in Springy colors.  I'm fighting the snow with happy accessories.

Since it's Friday, and it's been quite a week for all of us, I think we should enjoy something bubbly and refreshing.  Try a sparkling wine or champagne with the teensiest plop of lemon sorbet in it.  Throw a twist of lemon and a mint leaf on top for flair.

gratitude:  Nature's Path Optimum Power oatmeal, Eliza and JD collaborating on a school project, an uncluttered home, meditations on peace

thanks and love.

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