Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can Self-Tanner Be Applied To Goosebumps?

Well, it's snowing again.  And there's nothing like freezing temps and blizzard warnings to make me feel like it's time to get my tan on.  A couple weeks ago, in a laughable attempt to welcome Spring, I purchased a fresh bottle of self-tanner for the season.  Now, I know that too much sun exposure is a dangerous thing, so I'm always careful to use sunscreen with a freakishly high SPF when I'm outside.  Of course, that kind of protection means that even if I spent two hours actually on the surface of the sun I'd barely get a faint shading of color.  So, to hasten the process and protect the general public from having to witness my winter white limbs, I use self-tanner.  I've always felt better with just a little bit of color to my skin.

In college, because it was the 1980s and we didn't know better, I spent more time than necessary in a tanning bed.  There was a tanning place about four minutes from my sorority at DU, so I often chose bronzing myself over studying for an art history final.  And when I wasn't tanning I must have been snacking, because when I see photos from those years, I barely recognize myself.  I looked like a blond Kardashian.

Now I'm a slightly scrawny forty-something, but I still enjoy a hint of skin color during the warmer months.  I do take issue with the strange smell that comes from the tanner once it starts interacting with my skin.  I try not to imagine what causes that.  Gross.  People have suggested a spray-on tan, but the thought of holding a pose in my undies while I'm doused with a brown liquid makes me hysterical.  Just the picture of it in my mind is too much for me to bear.  I tried to watch a video the other day about how to perfectly apply self-tanner, but it involved pumice stones and rubber gloves so I checked out shortly after they ran through the list of supplies.   Therefore, self tanner it is for me, applied barehanded in the privacy of my own bathroom so only I can marvel at the odd spots on my legs and contemplate how in the world I could have bruised myself so badly without a trip to the hospital.

Of course, I'm going to hold off until I see some melting outside.  Why waste a good application?

I'm wearing this today:

I'm writing and doing other things at home all day, so skinny jeans and a black t-shirt are perfect.  The fabulous scarf serves a dual purpose - providing neck warmth and the creative vibe caused by wearing something flowy and colorful.

gratitude:  the amazing blue bird I saw down the street today, vases of flowers, fresh sheets, the neighbor's potted lemon tree we are babysitting for a while

thanks and love.

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