Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Cleaning Out My Purse And You're All Invited.

I'm starting this week on a note of personal organization.  It occurred to me, as I scrambled yesterday to find some Chapstick in my bag and ended up grabbing two peanuts, it's time to clean out my purse.  Here is what I found in it after this weekend:

Four grocery lists.  Two are written on notebook paper, one on the notebook paper packaging, and one on a folded up piece of letterhead from my former real estate staging business (always nice to be reminded of failed business attempts while stocking the pantry - at least I've provided the family with some fabulous scratch paper).

Two sheets of illustrated exercises for Eliza from her physical therapy appointments.

A torn up copy of JD's birth certificate from lacrosse registration.  Don't know why that hasn't made it to the trash.  I fear identity theft, I suppose, and figure that can be avoided if I just carry the scraps around with me forever.

A receipt from JD's doctor appointment last week to diagnose a cracked tailbone.

An envelope of deposit slips for the bank.

My wallet.  Red, because I heard that a red wallet creates good financial energy.  I don't know if I should blame Suze Orman or a Feng Shui practitioner for this.

A bag of trail mix.  When my family members go low blood sugar they become irritating.  The bag of trail mix prevents those issues.

An expired coupon for American Eagle.

A pen from a hotel in Boulder.

Sunscreen, lip products, roll-on perfume and Advil.  The workhorses.

Keys to our mailbox on a disc made from those colorful plastic pieces you melt together with the iron.

A key to a friend's house who needed some cat sitting done last week.

A sweater.  Because I chill easily and JD's lacrosse game in Boulder yesterday looked (and felt) a lot like base camp on Everest.

And for the grand finale, three sets of chopsticks.  There is no explanation for this, but if someone near me lamented their lack of Asian utensils, I would feel so good whipping out one of these babies.

So there you have it.  A lot of my mess is unavoidable.  As a mom, a wife and a person with a diverse range of daily activities, I need to be ready for anything.  Admittedly, I could improve a bit on my organization.  Perhaps I'll get a small notebook for my lists, I'll try to file paperwork from appointments right away (or fold it up in my new notebook, if I'm being totally honest) and, I'll throw out trash.  I'll also pare it down to just one set of chopsticks.  I'd feel unprepared if I eliminated them altogether.

I'm puttin' it all in this snazzy number.

As one of my myriad activities, I dabble in Stella & Dot and dearly love all the goodies.  This bag is part of their new collection and I'm putting it to use as part of Project Spring Cleaning.  I like the size, the color, and the fact that it's all wipeable.  My life calls for a certain amount of water repellency more often than not.

And, it's Meatless Monday once again.  Tomato soup and a loaf of toasted Ciabatta (rubbed with garlic, of course) sounds like the perfect counterpoint to the weather today.

gratitude:  family rooms, French doors, scarves, home

thanks and love.

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