Monday, April 1, 2013

How To Find Peace At The Mall.

Today marks the end of Spring Break.  I'm always so sorry to see break time end.  We didn't go anywhere this week, but we did spend over two hours in the Brookstone store at Park Meadows.  It seems no one in our family has anything to wear if the temperature gets over 70 degrees, so we hit the mall.  JD suggested we check out Brookstone while we were there.  I've always feared stores like that.  Something about the general public sampling massagers together gave me the heebie-jeebies.  But my oh my, how wrong I was.

Once we worked our way past the ion removers, towel warmers and nose trimmers we found the massage chair section.  Because of my natural fear of cooties, I've never been one to try a massage chair - I can barely let my head rest back on airplane seats.  But Eliza, JD and Geoff jumped right in, and since I didn't want them to end up with lice or ringworm while I stood by unscathed, I gave the Shiatsu Seat Topper with Heat a try.  It was magical.  At one point, all four of us were using different massage chairs; Eliza had a headpiece attached and looked like she was in a scene from Young Frankenstein, JD appeared to be convulsing his chair was vibrating so heavily, and Geoff was nearly upside down in a zero-gravity number.

I came to through a fog of combined Shiatsu back massage and heated foot squeezing to see lines of people had formed next to our chairs.  Apparently we'd monopolized an entire section of the store for over an hour.  We scrambled to get out of there, gathering purses and shoes on our way - wiping drool from our cheeks, and had to take a few moments outside to pull ourselves together before moving on. I now highly recommend setting aside some time in Brookstone to refresh a bit during lengthy mall excursions.  Just remember the Purell.

We also dyed eggs this weekend.  Here is a sampling of our work.

I introduced water colors and glitter glue this year to our dyeing extravaganza.  The water colors were a surprise hit - the glitter glue, not so much.  Of course I had to deal with a lot of complaining and mocking at the start, but by the end of our evening, the family was really taking to the new approach.  Geoff, however, could have made more of an effort.

It's Meatless Monday and most of the family has eaten their weight in ham, so I'm serving up a huge salad with white beans, red onions and tuna (dolphin-safe, of course).  And baguette.

gratitude:  wonderful family Easters, the weather yesterday, doing yoga with the doors open to the outside, movie nights

thanks and love.

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