Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Uncomfortable Right Now. Can You Tell?

I'm wearing this today:

My whole outfit was chosen to highlight this new necklace that came yesterday.  The Avalon Fringe (are those angels singing?).  It's so fabulous and I wanted to put it on a really neutral background, hence the charcoal grey top.  And it's cold, so a turtleneck is in order.  I picked the jeans only because my skinny jeans are getting a hole in a very strange place - it's location really is unexplainable.  I don't like these jeans, they make me uncomfortable.  But I wear them anyway.  

There are a few articles of clothing that, when I have them on, I wonder what in the world keeps me from wadding them up and tossing them into the nearest dumpster.  I have a feeling that a fear of public nudity is the main reason, but secondarily it could be that I just don't have something to replace them in my wardrobe.  So, as was the case yesterday, I'll deal with an incredibly ill-fitting pair of pants because they are the perfect length and the ideal shade of white (not too bright, not too dull).  Unfortunately, while I may end up with a fairly cool look, it also causes me to feel annoyed most of the time I'm wearing them.  Of course, they only cost $19 which is, at first glance, a bargain.  But based on the price and the fit, I was robbed.

I also have a t-shirt that I can almost guarantee is made with two back pieces.  Whenever I wear it I feel like I have it on backward - but it's a perfect dark charcoal color and has enough spandex in it that it doesn't fall out of shape by the end of the day.  My boyfriend jeans (today's discomfort) are also a problem, they hang so low I always feel a little dumpy, but I wonder if thats the whole point of the boyfriend jean and maybe this style is beyond my mid-forty understanding.  And, I regularly throw on an adorable leopard print belt that I think is made for a toddler so I have to wear my pants a little higher than I would prefer just to get it to buckle.  I feel like I look like Urkel.  See:

That's how I feel, only not as cheerful.  But I keep using the belt because it's a great leopard pattern and the perfect width.  So I tamp down my Urkel fears and forge ahead. 

It seems like usually there are a couple items in our wardrobes that aren't quite right, but we keep them around anyway.  Maybe for sentimental reasons, maybe because we think we'll lose those last five pounds or maybe because anytime there is a good replacement option for the disappointing item it's either unavailable in our size or it costs more than a car payment.  Lately I'm feeling a bit less like dealing with the discomfort.  On that note, today I'm going to toss the leopard belt in the dumpster down the street.  I'll start small, with an accessory, and just hope that by this evening I haven't gone dumpster diving to retrieve it.

gratitude:  mornings when everyone is in a good mood, avocados, Jo Malone perfume, cardigans

thanks and love.

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