Monday, March 18, 2013

WWEAW (What Would Emmanuelle Alt Wear?).

I think everyone needs a style muse.  Mine is  Emmanuelle Alt.  Ta-Da.

Emmanuelle Alt and I are both 45.  We have the same taste in clothing.  And we both appear to have faces that repel makeup.  Of course, that's where the similarities end because she is also Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue and lives in Paris while I am a mother and wife who attempts regular blogging and occasionally sells jewelry in suburban Denver.  There are other differences of course, but they are so obvious I needn't point them out - plus my fragile ego couldn't handle any additional comparisons.

Regardless, I adore her style and while I have always dressed in kind of a uniform, reading more about Emmanuelle Alt and the two other Voguettes (Vogue stylist Geraldine Saglio and Fashion Editor Capucine Safyurtlu), as seen here,

has really helped me settle into a look I like.  Even shopping is easier - I go straight to the colors I like; black, white, grey, perhaps some chambray thrown in for interest.  And leopard.  Can't forget the leopard.  Jeans are a requirement as well.  My point is, find a muse if you don't have one already and let them guide you fashionwise.

I like the Vouguettes' style because of its simplicity.  With my crazy hair, I find I look and feel best in simple shapes and colors.  If I had a different pate I may find other looks more appealing, but I fear taking on a bit of a Phyllis Diller vibe, so simple it is for me.  I also like a high heel.  Not too high, of course, and no platforms because that looks a little 'stripper'.  But a heel.  And don't tell me they are only for fancier occasions.  I actually handled before-school crosswalk duty in a heel and had no problem at all.  So there.

This week, I will be attempting to match outfits worn by Emmanualle Alt and the other Voguettes as precisely as possible to prove how helpful a style muse can be.  Thrilling, isn't it?  The hardest part will be not dragging my feet when it comes to doing the laundry and ending up without any black t-shirts or jeans.  Edge of your seat excitement, indeed.

Here is today's look.  First, Emmanelle as she prepares to enter a show during Paris Fashion Week:

Now me as I prepare to place the trash can at the end of the driveway.

See?  You can hardly tell a difference, can you?

On a very celebratory note, JD's lacrosse team won their indoor championship, 10 - 9!  What a great game!  Here's the team (JD is on the right, back row, in the dark shirt and grey baseball cap).

And, it's Meatless Monday again.  I have a lot of leftover Colcannon from our St. Patrick's Day dinner last night.  Basically, Colcannon is mashed potatoes with the addition of greens.  I added spinach.  I think it may be the Irish version of a salad.  Anyway, I have a ton left over so I'm thinking about a potato pancake of sorts with a veggie saute on top.  I can already hear the kids asking for more...

gratitude:  the incredible heart shown by JD and his team in the Championship (I welled up), Eliza without a cell phone, English muffins, classic Chapstick

thanks and love.


  1. Great post! You look very EA. :)

    Since you like Emmanuelle Alt's style, I thought maybe you would like my site:

    Hope to see you there. :)


    1. Wow! I love your site! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. One-stop shopping for all things Emmanuelle:) I'll keep reading!