Friday, March 22, 2013

Au Revoir to Emmanuelle Alt, and Other Stuff.

It's Friday and my pantry stinks.  I currently have a colossal battle occurring in there to see which item will produce the most powerful aroma.  The two elements in the final match-up are some orange scented garbage bags and a sack of everything bagels.  I wish I could convey to you the incredibly strange perfume these two items are producing together.  Close your eyes an imagine what an orange car deodorizer smells like then bring some salami into the mix.  Really, it's quite something.  I fear the garbage bags my be the big loser here.  Everything bagels are going to smell regardless, and they are so very delicious that they can be forgiven.  But the orange scented garbage bags that I thought would bring a light, citrus fragrance to my kitchen have only caused every odor that occurs near the trash can to be tinged with a trace of chemical-based fruit.  Live and learn.

Today marks the final installment of WWEAW Week.  It's been fun.  If Vogue ever needs someone to handle the "suburban mom of teens, mid-forties and confused" beat, I'm all over it.

In this first shot we have Emmanuelle holding her cell phone and ear buds preparing, most likely, to contact a fellow fashionista about where to meet for drinks to discuss the latest offering from Versace.

And here I stand with the tangle of white computer cords that fill the drawer holding our take-out menus.  I'm preparing to order dinner because sometimes, if I add up how many dinners I've made over the years, ordering out is the only way to prevent a seizure.

And finally, here is Emmanuelle at her desk probably contemplating the next cover for Vogue.

And here I am at my desk contemplating the next Meatless Monday.

That brings WWEAW Week to a close.  I could sure use a sip of something sparkly and fantastic after all that.  Join me won't you?  Let's have a classic champagne cocktail this weekend.  It's easy to make.

Classic Champagne Cocktail:
Add one dash angostura bitters and a single sugar cube to the bottom of a champagne glass.  Fill with champagne and garnish with a twist of lemon peel.  So delish.  Cheers and happy Spring!

gratitude:  piles of warm laundry, stargazer lilies, white jeans, cast iron pans

thanks and love.

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