Friday, March 15, 2013

Shoes and Slainte.

I am going to buy some new shoes today.  I think.  I popped into Nordstrom Rack yesterday.  While there, hidden amongst a few pairs of shoes that must have been on the fast track to the Clearance Rack - honestly, who thought the purple, platform pumps accented by macrame and peacock feathers were going to be a hit? - I found the perfect pair of boots.  They are so freakishly discounted I can't even do the math to calculate the incredible deal I am going to enjoy, but trust me, these boots are a steal.  Of course, I do understand that buying shoes on sale has its inherent risks.

Shoe sales are exciting to me, but I've been burned before and it takes me a while before I'll admit that perhaps my purchase was ill-advised.  I enjoy an unusual pair of shoes - which makes shopping sales good for me because the stranger looks tend to become discounted quickly.  My wardrobe is so basic that shoes offer my look a bit of whimsy.  Not even sure why I need a whimsical element, but I feel the fun shoes help me look a little less 'Frau Brugger'.   Once I found a weird pair of boots that were caramel colored and sort of wrinkly.  Kind of like a footwear interpretation of a Sharpei.   I tried them on in the store and was instantly taken with their quirky look and versatile color.  After admiring them from every angle and smugly noting my smart shopping skills, I purchased those puppies (pun intended) and immediately started calculating the myriad outfits they would complement.

The first time I wore them I felt great.  The second time I wore them, I started to get that sinking feeling.  I was at the grocery store at the time walking on a tiled floor.  When I stepped with my left foot nothing happened, but when I stepped with my right there was a distinct, high-pitched knock.  Like a person clapping two pieces of wood together.   At first I thought nothing of it, then after a while I could only hear the rhythm of my own walking - step, knock, step, knock...  It made me crazy.  I walked favoring my good shoe as long as I could, but my foot started cramping up.  I had to go back to normal walking and was horrified when the woman in front of me actually turned around to see what the noise was behind her.

I kept those shoes a bit longer hoping the knocking sound was just part of the breaking in process.  It wasn't.  Finally, I ended up passing them along to Goodwill.  I considered writing an explanation warning about the sound on the bottom of the shoe, but didn't.  I just hope a cobbler finds them next.  Or someone who can't hear well.

I wore this yesterday.

See what I mean about the uniform look?  I admit I'm happiest in the basics - jewelry and shoes are my outlet.  The necklace is the Calliah from Stella & Dot.  I adore the turquoise over the charcoal color.

It's St. Patrick's Day weekend!  I love being Irish and plan to honor my heritage with pride and potatoes.  If you're looking for a celebratory beverage, I suggest adding two drops of green food coloring to any Champagne or sparkling wine - festive and classy!  And, in keeping with the theme, you may want to serve up some Irish cheddar or a salmon spread with your sparkling green beverage - one should always have a nibble on hand if imbibing.

A belated birthday wish to my charming brother, Jon.  You make us laugh and we love you so much!  I hope you have a fabulous year ahead.

gratitude:  watching the birds look for nesting sites around our house, the Positively Positive website, cinnamon in coffee, weekends

thanks and love.


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