Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catch A Wave.

It feels like everywhere you turn these days there's someone on the corner spinning a sign for a local business and waving at passer's by.  They seem to be in their own world, dancing to a beat we can't hear and usually braving ridiculous costumes and freezing weather.  Normally, I just speed by while faking a rear-view mirror adjustment - eliminating any uncomfortable moments.  But yesterday I was pulling out of the grocery store parking lot and found myself stuck behind three giant trucks in the turning lane.  Right next to my car was a guy dressed like the Statue of Liberty and getting down with a cardboard sign advertising tax services.  As I sat in my car, he looked right at me and waved.  I felt obligated to wave back because it's the polite thing to do, right?  I glanced away slightly as I waved so I wouldn't look too aggressively cheerful and when I looked back - he was dancing down the sidewalk waving at every other car in line.  I felt weird.  Does anyone else feel a reflexive need to wave at these people?  I'm skipping the wave next time (since it obviously means so little to them) and if I'm stuck in a place where one of them is dancing just outside my car door I'll feign a sneezing attack.  I like to believe my waves are worth more than that.

I wore this yesterday:

Grey, plaid, and the fabulous Medina necklace.

gratitude: lacrosse, gorgonzola cream sauce, trunk shows, skinny jeans

thanks and love.

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