Friday, April 25, 2014

Yesterday I Bought Myself An Under-Eye Illuminator/Brightener And The Latest Copy Of More Magazine. I Also Made Sure To Eat Yogurt And Dark, Leafy Greens. Guess Who's Turning 47?

Ah, birthdays.  A perfect time to review where we've been and where we're going, don't you agree?  While I sit here in the later half of my forties, I can honestly say, I've never been happier.  Aging is indeed, an honor.  We shouldn't forget that.  What a gift to be given another trip around the sun!    I'm so grateful for Life and the ability to live it as beautifully and joyously as possible.  

I also really appreciate the wisdom that comes with age (we tend to tap into our inner Yoda as we get older, don't we?).  The wisdom of knowing we have the freedom to be any way we want to be at any time in life.  It's too bad you can't live your life as a twenty-something with the mindset of someone older.  But I suppose it's all part of the process - it's possible we wouldn't appreciate where we are later in life, if we'd been this way the whole time.  There's a shifting of our mindset over time - at least there has been for me.  We move from thinking about 'what' we want to be, to 'who' we want to be, to 'how' we want to be.  And it's living life how you want to live it that makes everything so. much. better.

Think about how you want to be when you get older - no matter where you are in life.  Imagining an older you is always possible.  Then be that way, right now.  Find older person role models to give you examples and inspiration.  We can control who we are by choosing how we are in every moment.  And birthdays are a great time to think about how we want to be today and in the 364 days to come.  By living how you want to live every day, you'll create a life that feels like a celebration - and that's really how it should be, I think.  Because celebrations are fun (and often include good music and a cute outfit - also fun). 

I'm wearing this:

Because I want to be an older woman who wears tribal prints and orange necklaces with aplomb.  I'd like to do a lot of things with aplomb.  Three cheers for aplomb!

I will also be sipping my new favorite vino tonight on the patio facing the sun, of course.  It's a blended white called Evolution (which is a cool name).  It's got a really funky label too, and it's from Oregon.  I find it quite tasty.

gratitude:  creative freedom in life, the song 'Here Comes The Sun', Fridays, peace

thanks and love.

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