Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There Was A Full-Size Kit Kat Candy Bar, Wrapped No Less, On My Garage Floor And I Seriously Contemplated Eating It. For Days.

I share this story with you in the hopes that you'll no longer feel embarrassed about experiences in your own life.  That, and because finding meaning in my battle with food on our garage floor is pretty much all I have going on at this point.

From the Kit Kat's placement it must have fallen out of the backseat area of the car.  Probably something the kids had with them that dropped out of their grasp as they carted their belongings into the house.  I never bent down to touch it (that would have drawn the kids' attention to it and I would have had to share the candy bar with them if it was deemed edible), but I could see that the packaging appeared fully intact.  This gave me great hope that some gross garage cooties hadn't entered the treat and contaminated it.  I also felt that it seemed to have avoided being crushed by the car.  Lucky.

What struck me as odd was that the kids never picked it up or showed any interest in it.  This concerned me a bit.  Of course, I shouldn't be surprised that my kids didn't lift it off the floor of the garage because they seem to not have the motor skills necessary to perform such a task.  Given the heaps of clothes, both dirty and clean, on their bedroom and bathroom floors, proves they may lack the musculature required for "picking up".

I considered that maybe it was a trap.  Did the kids leave it there so I'd pick it up and find I'd touched a Kit Kat bar that had fallen in the toilet at school or something?  Then I remembered that laughing at their mom is okay, but they'd never stoop so low as to trick me.  I think.

Finally, I thought that maybe all my preaching about healthy eating had made a difference and the kids were immune now to the siren song of junk food.  That thought quickly passed when I went to place something in the trash can and noticed no less than three giant-sized slushie cups in the canister. Clearly, they're a-ok with a little sugar and artificial flavoring from time to time.

After a few days of wondering about the candy bar and becoming increasingly concerned about my hopefulness in getting to eat it, I simply picked it up and threw it out.  The whole experience annoyed me after a while.  I mean, geez, if I wanted candy I could easily pick some up on one of my 6,000 trips to the grocery store each week.  Am I not treating myself to something special often enough?  Should I go shoe shopping?  So many questions!

When I lifted it from the garage floor I observed it was slightly crushed, which relieved me - I'd made the right choice to toss it.  I was glad that upon making the discovery I was in the process of throwing it away, not greedily snatching it off the floor and opening the wrapper with trembling fingers.  It made me feel better about myself.  And it's really the little victories in life that make all the difference, isn't it?

I'm wearing this:

A maxi skirt and sandals.  Kind of a bohemian chic look that works just fine for watching a girls' high school JV soccer game.  'Cause that's how I roll.

gratitude:  birds nesting, new fish, gladiator sandals, warm weather

thanks and love.

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