Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If I Have A Little Spring In My Step Today, It's Because We Weren't Late To Middle School. Starting Your Day At The Very End Of The Drop Off Line While Wiping Sweat Off Your Upper Lip From The White Knuckle Ride You Made Just To Get There Is A Tad Defeating, Really.

We're entering that part of the season where the rumblings of all sorts of warm weather projects can be heard in the distance.  And as usual, Geoff and I have big plans.  Whether or not we can pull them off has yet to be determined, but at this point we're very optimistic and never far from a tape measure.  Our most pressing task is hanging some outdoor curtains.  Our patio faces west and from May to November the setting sun constantly threatens to cause some dangerous retinal damage.

And thanks to a uncomfortably surprisingly swift delivery process, we're 'wheels up' with the curtain project - it's way past fantasy now.  We purchased the curtains (big sale at Ballard Designs) and they were delivered in what seemed like only hours (gulp), but may have actually been closer to two weeks.  So there's no turning back.  We have 14 panels of sand and brown awning stripe fabric sitting on our kitchen table - it looks like an earth-toned circus is in town and they've stashed their Big Top at our place.  Thankfully, the kitchen table is so full of homework, lacrosse heads, and what I hope are clean soccer socks that we haven't eaten there in days (many, many days if I'm being honest).

So, weather permitting, this may be the big weekend.  Maybe by Sunday evening the curtains will be off the kitchen table and hanging patioside.  And we'll be out there toasting our success.  We'd probably be out there toasting anyway, but this time we won't be squinting.

I'm wearing this.  I call it Bohemian Cat Burglar.

And this is Bohemian Cat Burglar With A Chill.

gratitude:  extended forecasts that include temps in the mid-70's, the Stella & Dot Joy candle, Ina Garten's Chicken Salad Veronique, good lotion

thanks and love.

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