Friday, April 18, 2014

I Joined Instagram To Stalk My Children, But Now I Can Enjoy Candid Peeks Into The Lives Of Peter Griffin From Family Guy, The Vice President, And A Cute Cat With A Smooshy Face That Lives In New York.

Since young people these days are so technologically savvy and connected through all sorts of social media, I honestly think it's important that we, as parents, at least attempt to understand what it is they are doing out there.  This isn't an easy thing for me since I don't understand why sometimes the clicker doesn't work.  Technology makes me urpy.

But just because we don't understand or even want to use social media, we need to be aware of and involved in it as much as possible because our kids are, and it's actually a great way to keep tabs on the goings on of our teenage babies.  Once when I was out to dinner I checked Instagram while I was waiting for a stall to become available in the loo and learned, through observing one picture, that my kids had invited a few friends over, ordered Chinese food and were drinking the pineapple juice I'd purchased to use in a brunch dish for the next day.  It's like having a baby monitor for teens.  Sort of.

I've also heard that Instagram, besides being useful in the effort to spy on your kids, is also a good way to draw traffic to your blog.  And, it does make me happy when I know a post has been read by lots of people.  I even went so far as to take an online webinar on how to maximize Instagram for your blog, but I fell asleep while I was listening.  Not good.  I think unconsciousness was the only option to save my ego from being completely diminished by my lack of basic social media knowledge.

But I'm not letting that stop me.  I'm going to give it a go for a while.  Maybe Instagram will be fun.  If I don't like it I'll just disappear again, fade into the background of Instagram, and just use it as a handy way to round out the dossier I've prepared on my daughter's prom date.  

I'm wearing this:

This may be the worst picture ever taken.  Is a UFO landing behind me?

gratitude:  laughter, our side patio, white candles in sand, orange tulips

thanks and love.

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