Friday, April 4, 2014

A Final Focus On A Basic Warm Weather Wardrobe. And Since I've Managed To Embed Something From Another Website Into This Post, It Doubles As A Dazzling Display Of My Advanced Computer Skills. Or Better, A Living Tribute To The Power Of Googling 'How-To' Instructions.

And now, I present the Fashion Friday Finale!  It's kind of like the much anticipated publication of the final book in a well-loved trilogy, isn't it?  That, or it may be more of a Rocky III kind of thing and just a little underwhelming.  Either way, here it is!

Today we're talking wraps, shoes and accessories.  The final touches to every great outfit.  Plus, I have a little visual aid to demonstrate how versatile a good basic wardrobe can be.

Wraps (top layers):  I think the basic top layers you need for the warmer months are a white blazer, a black blazer and a long cardigan.  All summer weight, of course.  I'm a big fan of blazers.  Blazers instantly take whatever you're wearing to a higher level - they finish the look perfectly and can be dressed up or down.  Give them a try.  I find Loft and Forever 21 are good places to get just a casual, lightweight blazer or two for the summer months.  No need to spend too much money if it's not part of a suit, so don't fear hitting the cheaper stores for this kind of piece.  Also, a long cardigan gives you a little extra layer of warmth and, in my opinion, is a bit cooler than a short cardigan.

Shoes:  I think it's good to have a gladiator sandal - in brown, preferably.  This style is very on-trend and it covers the foot well so if you happen to have kind of funky feet, this is a stylish way to camouflage them.  Bonus.  A classic thong sandal is perfect for summer.  The plainer the better - tres chic.  Flip-flops are fun - Havianas are actually way more comfortable than other brands I've tried.  White sneakers are a nice option for spring and summer.  I like Converse myself.  A strappy black heel will instantly jazz up your look and there are many comfortable options out there so find one that works for you.  And finally, I like a D'Orsay flat myself - the kind that only have the front of the foot covered (with a pointy toe) and the heel covered, but really any flat that you like is nice, just keep the look as streamlined as possible or it gets a tad frumpy.

And accessories:   I am huge believer in the power of good accessories.  Especially if you're working with a basic wardrobe - accessories bring the zing.  I use a lot of Stella & Dot pieces.  I used to be a stylist for them and I continue to adore their things.  Of course, you can find great accessories everywhere, but for me, shopping from the Stella & Dot collections makes it super easy because they are already edited down and I don't have to schlep through a ton of stuff to find things that work.  A great starter accessory wardrobe should include:  a statement necklace, a long delicate necklace (bonus if you can wrap it around your neck once to make a shorter layered look), a long pendant necklace, a cuff, some bangles, a statement earring, two scarves (a dark one and a light one), a daytime tote and a nighttime clutch.

There you have it folks, the Spring/Summer wardrobe wrap up.  I've put together a few Polyvore collages to demonstrate how all these great basics work together.  From just a smallish group of clothing items, you can really put together a ton of cute outfits.  What I've shown though, is just the foundation wardrobe.  Once this is established you can add to it with additional pieces that reflect your specific tastes and style preferences.  The beauty of having a great foundation wardrobe is you never find yourself with nothing to wear, you know you'll always looks classically good, and it's fun to get creative mixing and matching very simple pieces.  Enjoy.

Happy weekend!

gratitude:  the Dictionary Word of The Day today (omphaloskepsis), melting snow, my Joie top, birds

thanks and love.

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