Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Weekend Was So Busy, The Last Thing I Wanted To Do Was Make A Trip To The Grocery Store. That's Why Dinner Last Night Consisted Of Plain Pasta On A Few Leaves Of Spinach And Breakfast Was A Frozen Bavarian Pretzel. Mission Accomplished.

What a weekend!  We enjoyed a bit of everything these past few days - birthday fun, lacrosse, soccer and our first prom as parents.  What we didn't enjoy much of is sleep.  And we're not done yet, tonight we're hosting Eliza's high school soccer team for a team dinner.  A taco bar has been requested.  Slow clap.  I figure if I start chopping now, I should have enough toppings prepped to feed 25 hungry teenage athletes.  Wondering if Qdoba takes last minute orders...

I've noticed that days like these past few give me a nice opportunity to practice going with the flow - which is a critical skill to raising teenagers without needing heavy doses of therapy or prescription meds.  As much as I wanted to give helpful tips for eye makeup application, picture taking locations and other bits of event details, I just laid off and let it be.  I let love, gratitude and joy be my vibe - and didn't allow my default grasping need for some control or impact rise to the top like it has (more often than I'd prefer) in the past.  And you know what?  Everything worked out just fine - probably better than fine because I like the way I feel today after having taken a more chillaxed attitude over the weekend.  I proudly remained loving and joyous even when faced at 4:30 am with five teenagers borrowing our luxurious new throws to keep warm while they watched the sunrise at Red Rocks after prom.

It's no mistake I made sure they were machine-washable in the first place.

I'm wearing this:

This top from Anthropologie and a turquoise belt buckle are a quiet nod to our dinner theme tonight.  The pattern on the top feels a little South American, so I'm hoping it'll get me into the fiesta spirit as I brown seven pounds of taco meat.  It's all I've got because tequila shooters before a team dinner would be inappropriate.

gratitude:  tea, clean sheets, freesia-scented candles, funny games

thanks and love.


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