Friday, January 31, 2014

I Thought I Had A Bad Case Of Bronco Fever, But It Turned Out To Be A Sinus Infection. Now, With The Benefit Of Modern Medicine, Those Around Me Can Enjoy The Big Game Without The Sound Of Constant Sniffling. TMI?

Well, Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and, at the High House, we are ready for a big Bronco victory!!  We'll be having a few people over to watch and I'm already working on a some menu ideas.  I think I'll serve pot roast in honor of Terrance Knighton, the fabulous Bronco defensive tackle, who's nickname is Pot Roast.  I'm using the Pioneer Woman's recipe and her recipe for Mashed Potatoes as well.  I'm also going to whip up a lovely 7-layer dip for the pre-game cocktail hour because who doesn't like a 7-layer dip?  And, as a family of Bronco fans, the Number 7 holds a very special place in our hearts.  I'm considering making it into a Snackadium.   Like these I found on TheKitchn website.

Certainly a Bronco beverage is in order for the big event.  I figure any wheat beer with a slice of orange (Bronco orange) would work, as would a mimosa with a couple blueberries floating atop.  When is champagne ever a bad idea?  Of course, we'll certainly offer up some Orange Crush soda to the younger set and those choosing not to imbibe although we don't know any of those people.

I purchased some additional Bronco garb for the family this week.  I haven't had any Bronco specific gear since the Orange Crush t-shirt I wore in 6th grade.  I just never felt the need.  I actually like to wear orange from time to time, so I always have a few shirts in my closet that I can throw on if I need to show some team support.  But since this is the Super Bowl I felt like it was time to put some skin in the game and invest in a little something more.

It took some effort to find things that weren't too over-the-top. The door is wide open out there for some kooky getups.  Team support is great and it's fun to be a part of something as big as a Super  Bowl, but unless it's Halloween, I just don't think your goal in getting dressed should be to look like you're crazy. To each his own.  If you are into that kind of expression, I highly recommend the orange, satin jacket paired with the blue and orange tiger stripe pajamas.  Throw on a Bronco horse-head hat and you'll be practically guaranteed some on-air camera time.

Yesterday I saw a woman walking out of the grocery store decked out in jeans with bedazzled Bronco logos, an orange shirt, a Bronco jacket (also bedazzled in orange and blue bling), and big, orange dangly pom-pom earrings.  It was a sight to behold, but it made me wonder.  If this is how she looks on the Thursday before the game, what is she going to be wearing when Sunday comes around?

This is what I'm going to wear:

While there is no bedazzling, I do have a few accessories I'm considering.  The orange necklace gives me a subtle tone-on-tone look, the turquoise necklace adds an unusual twist to standard Bronco blue, and the scarf is a cozy option that's seasonally appropriate.  Edge of your seat excitement, right?

I'm also looking forward to the Super Bowl commercials.  I'm really glad I've already seen the Budweiser commercial with the puppy and the clydesdales so I'm prepared to brace myself emotionally.  Last year I welled up for two weeks every time I thought about the Budweiser ad.  Since I know what's coming I may excuse myself when they air the spot - I don't want to risk a breakdown.  Uncontrollable weeping kills a party vibe pretty fast.

Go Broncos!!

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