Friday, January 17, 2014

I Believe We Need To Treat Ourselves To Little Things Every Day That Make Us Feel Good. That Is Not To Say That The Occasional Big Treat Is Off The Table. In No Way Does A Daily Use Of Luxurious Lotion Replace A Trip To Paris. It Just Keeps Us In A Better Mood While We're Waiting.

So last night I used my 'Limited Edition' Method cleanser for the first time.  Yeah, you heard right.  Limited. Edition.  The scent is called 'Beach Sage' and this particular fragrance is simply not offered year round.  You snooze, you lose, people.  I don't know what Beach Sage is supposed to smell like, but my kitchen is bordering on an aromatherapeutic paradise right now.

It occurred to me when I bought this that my visceral reaction to a limited edition cleanser scent is nothing of which to be proud.  I am not.  And yet, I can't deny that when I was at Target picking up my standard 'Cucumber' scented spray, I got a little excited when I found this special run on the Method Countertop Cleanser.  I mean, 'Limited Edition'!  Right?

As silly as it sounds, I felt kinda snazzy while I spritzed it here and there cleaning up chili spills and dried milk from JD's after school bowl bowls of cereal.  The scent was so lovely I even went the extra mile and wiped under the toaster too.  Hey, spending less than $5 to get something that makes a daily task slightly more tolerable is a good deal, in my opinion.  And, as utilitarian as it is, even a new cleanser can add a little something nice to our daily life.

When we amp up those things we do everyday, it feels good.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the day-to-day that we forget to toss in something new or something a little special for ourselves and end up in ruts and routines.  We don't notice things as much and we risk becoming less present to the moment.  Special treats don't always have to be big, although a spontaneous trip to a beach is always welcome, but smaller luxuries enjoyed on a frequent basis can actually give us a more consistent rise in our overall joy.  And who doesn't want that after all?

I'm a candle girl.  So I'm trying lately to always have one or two really nice candles burning at home - something from Diptyque downstairs and an Anthropologie candle upstairs.   It's not a huge expense to buy these, but they are considerably more expensive than my standard Target candles I have strewn all over the house.  When I light one though, and my house fills up with the scent, it feels nice.  A little special.  And having bits of special tossed into our days is a good thing.  It could be a new skin care product, a nicer wine, an extra book, a new accessory - just anything that doesn't cost a fortune and is used on a regular basis, can give us a little daily zshuzsh.

You may already do this, but if not, try it.  Find something small and pamper yourself a little.  I think you'll like the results - it's simple, but makes a difference.  And keep your eyes peeled for those Limited Edition cleanser scents.  Don't squeal when you see them (you'll draw a crowd), just act cool and toss it into your basket.  The next time you clean your kitchen you'll feel it - every squeeze of the bottle trigger  will remind you that you're living a quality of life that only those with Limited Edition cleanser scents can understand.

I'm wearing this.

 Today is filled with multiple trips to Goodwill.   A sensible shoe is in order.  Converse fills the bill every time (another wardrobe Must Have).

gratitude:  mechanical pencils, no wind, chocolate chip cookies, clean closets

thanks and love.

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